VLC for PC: Simple Steps for Installation and All the Features It Offers

By | September 20, 2023

VLC media player is an application that helps you play video and audio files in almost any format that exists. It was created by a group of developers as an open-source application as a part of the VideoLAN Project. 

For years it has been dominating the industry and it is very easy to see why. Not only can you play video and audio files of all formats using a VLC media player but you can also stream other kinds of media for instance online radio or podcasts.

VLC for PC

VLC media player also offers playback controls. This is perhaps the best feature that is offered by the application. The user can change almost everything starting from how the video or audio file is displayed to any hardware optimization that may be required and even add subtitles if and when required. Above all, the application is very easy to use.

You can install a VLC media player on your PC by following some simple and easy steps. If you are wondering how to install this media player application on your PC then we have got you covered. We have also put together a list of all the salient features offered by this amazing piece of software. Keep scrolling and take a look at all that VLC media player for your PC has to offer.

Step-By-Step Guide to Install VLC Media Player on PC

Installing the application of the VLC media player on your PC is not that difficult a task. Even if you are not that much of a technophile, you can still download and install this media player application on your PC by following some simple steps. The steps listed below will help you to get started with the process.

Guide to Install VLC Media Player on PC

  • First, you need to visit the official site of VLC. The official VLC site is https://www.videolan.org/vlc/. You can use any browser that you are comfortable with.
  • There you will see an option that says download VLC. Click on that button.
  • Go to the list of downloaded files in your system and from there check and find the executable VLC Media Player file that you just downloaded.
  • You will receive a prompt confirmation that will ask you whether or not you would allow the application to make necessary changes to the system of your device. Click on the option Yes.
  • Next, you will need to set the language. From the drop-down list that the next prompt offers you, choose the language you are comfortable in.
  • Once the setup is complete you will be asked to continue with the process of installation. Click on “NEXT”.
  • You will be shown a license agreement to which you need to Agri. You can also click on “NEXT”.
  • You will be required to choose the components hereafter. You do not have to change anything here because all the components will already have been selected. Again click on “NEXT” here.
  • You will have to choose the installation location next. Choose the drive that has sufficient space to install and store the VLC media player. The file will require around 171.2 MB of free memory space.
  • Click on the option that says install. The installation process will start here after. It might take around 2 to 4 minutes. This will depend largely on your computer speed.
  • After the installation process is done another prompt will appear on your computer screen. Click on “FINISH”. The installation process is now complete.

Since this media player is an open source and free software, it is very easy and simple to access it. It can be downloaded and installed on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS.

Features of VLC Media Player

Features of VLC Media Player

If you want your product to stay and reign the market consistently then you need to offer the users certain perks that will keep them hooked to your product. The developers of VLC Media Player understood the assignment pretty clearly. 

They have put together a brilliant array of features in the application of VLC Media Player. Given below is the list of all the features that you can enjoy while using VLC Media Player on your PC.

  • Enjoy clear and crisp video

The VLC Media Player software lets you play your downloaded audio or video files in the best quality possible. Often it becomes difficult to find your preferred quality settings. Often it also becomes difficult to find video or audio files over the Internet that would suffice your quality preferences. 

On VLC Media Player you can customize it accordingly. All you have to do is to go to the tools section and there choose the option of preferences. There you will find an option for track settings where you can click on your preferred video resolution from the drop-down list.

  • Enjoy much more than just music and videos

It is a misconception that you can use the VLC Media Player to only listen to music or watch movies. You can do a whole range of other stuff using this application. As one of the most progressive and advanced pieces of software, VLC Media Player offers its users the option to edit videos on their PCs as well. 

You can also listen to podcasts or online radio using VLC Media Player. You can also design a playlist of your own which may contain media files of both audio and visual kind.

  • Download an array of formats

This piece of software allows all sorts of formats to be downloaded and played on it. Almost all formats known to humankind at this point can be downloaded and played on VLC Media Player. You can play music videos or movies on this media player and that too you can customize it according to your choices as far as the quality is concerned. 

You also do not have to worry about getting a particular kind of format available for the movie that you want to watch. This application will support the format available on the Internet be it MPEG-4 ASP, AMR (3GPP), or DVD or Text files.

  • Fast hardware decoding

In case you are not technophile, hardware decoding refers to the process of easing CPU consumption while at the same time processing HD videos. It also quickens the GPU so that the user can make full use of the efficiency of the GPU to process images properly. 

VLC Media Player offers hardware decoding on almost all the platforms on which it functions. It also supports 0-copy on your GPU. VLC can also withdraw and fall back on software if the situation demands so.

  • Customize the media file accordingly

Whichever media file you are playing on VLC Media Player, can be customized according to your taste and needs. VLC Media Player features have the most give when it comes to customizing the video files. 

It offers subtitle synchronization, and audio and video filters as well. You can add subtitles to the video you are watching using the features offered by VLC Media Player.

  • Customizable playback controls

VLC Media Player offers a set of advanced playback controls. Along with a customizable interface, the application has the option of indulging in a variety of advanced playback switches. The user can adjust the playback speed or even apply video and audio effects. 

As mentioned previously they can also add subtitles to the video they want to play. VLC Media Player Therefore becomes a pretty powerful tool for users especially the ones who like to customize Garmin media files accordingly.

  • Advanced streaming capabilities

It is often thought that only downloaded content can be viewed via VLC Media Player. This is again a very popular Conception regarding this application. You can even stream content from various sites and sources. For instance, you can stream media from webcams, podcasts, radio stations, and so on. 

Users who want to access a variety of media content can now stream from different sources as well using VLC Media Player.

  • Simple steps for installation

Besides the technical advantages that the application offers, it is also very easy to install the application in the first place. The steps mentioned before our easy and simple to follow. You can install VLC Media Player on your PC by following those simple and easy steps. 

At every corner and after every step is completed the system itself will offer a prompt regarding what your next step should be.

  • Easy access and free of cost

Often the quality of an item becomes directly proportional to the cost of actually having it. The developers of VLC Media Player created this application as a piece of open-source software. You do not need to invest any money in downloading and using this application. 

Moreover, you can just visit their official website using any web browser you are comfortable with and simply download and thereafter install it on your PC.

Main Features

  • Enjoy clear and crisp video
  • Enjoy much more than just music and videos
  • Download an array of formats
  • Fast hardware decoding
  • Customize the media file accordingly
  • Customizable playback controls
  • Simple steps for installation
  • Easy access and free of cost
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