Top Guide for Your Website to Win User Trust 

By | December 3, 2021

Trust signals can be game-changing for your website. Even the multi-dollar businesses have approved the importance of trust in the digital domain. Experts also believe that the trust brings revenue and helps the business to make progress in less amount of time. It is important to build long-term associations and business expansion which is the aim of almost all the businesses. 

A trustworthy website includes every minute detail that makes a big difference in establishing credibility with the visitors. Users today make their opinions about a website in less than a second and therefore it is crucial to have almost no sort of scrutiny that can drive them away. 

A number of businesses today complain about losing the organic traffic and when paid attention to the same, it was found that there were several aspects from appearance to trust badges that made all the difference. 

A website should not only be beautiful and attractive for the users but should include several aspects that boost the trust on account of a visitor. Through this guide, we have made an effort attempt to boost up the trustworthiness factor of your website along with the general mistakes that you must avoid with the same.

Ways to Make Website More Trustworthy

Top Guide for Your Website to Win User Trust

1. Attach reviews and include testimonials

As a brand, the business organization should not forget to include the reviews for the customers. These reviews give a clear idea to the users about the products or services that they are interested in. 

It is useful in establishing a good brand image among the users through genuine ways. Apart from the images that you provide, the real images from the customers who have already purchased those items can be valuable among the user community. If thought from the user perspective, it is a real great idea to hear from the real customers about their experiences about the purchase.

2. Security through SSL: 

Every business organization should ensure the security of the users and available data as they share the information regarding the credit and debit cards, email addresses and contact information which elevates the responsibility of the organization to keep them safe. In this manner, it is crucial for the website to assure the security which can be possible through the special ssl certificate. 

Irrespective of the size of the business organization, each of them should buy ssl certificate which are now available at pocket friendly prices and provide you complete security through HTTPS security. An amalgamation of SSL and HTTPS is considered as a credible mark to gain the user trust.

3. Legit contact information

Every aspiring trustworthy website should include the contact information on their homepage which enables the user to reach the brand if required. Those business organizations that do not include the required contact information are treated as less trustworthy in the internet world. 

Such brands are not considered as reliable by the users, and they usually avoid any form of business with them. The contact information should be mentioned on the clearly visible spot on your website and must be functional as well.

4. Proper domain name: 

One of the primary steps to create a legit website is to have a reputable domain which should be easy for the users to remember. If possible, the brand should include a main keyword in the domain itself which should clearly reflect the products or services you are going to deal into. 

Along with this, simple extensions should be chosen for the user ease. It will be highly appreciable if you will come up with the authentic ideas for the domain name instead of just copying it from the popular websites that already exist. 

A short and precise domain name is much more useful than something which the users cannot memorize at all. 

5. Appropriate ad placement: 

Pushy ads can present an entirely wrong idea about your business to the users. Make sure that when the users are trying to access the content on your website, the page should not be full of pop-ups in which they are mostly not interested. In this way, it is your responsibility to ensure that the arts are placed at appropriate spots and are not obtrusive in any sense. Visitors should feel comfortable on your website and there should be no hindrance or spam that they should come across.

6. Reliable content on the website

Make sure that the content present on the website present a clear idea about the brand and is not deceptive in any form. It is the responsibility of every business to keep their website content updated and authentic in every sense. 

First and foremost, purpose of the visitors to look for your website is to collect information and the business owners themselves should make sure that the information is top-notch quality wise. 

In this regard, the businesses are even hiring professional copywriters that can help you in communicating the idea clearly with the audience. There should be no error in the content as it can give out a sense of distrust among them.

7. Transparent Policies for the win

Users should clearly be communicated about the policies of the business through the website. You can make it available on the website to establish a clear communication with the visitors. 

It should include the kind of data that you are going to collect and the way in which you are going to utilize it as well. It will help majorly in getting the user trust as they are going to find you more reliable through this measure. 

Along with this, there must be a separate section for the frequently asked questions in which they can enquire about the business and the products or services that they are going to offer. It does not take much on the part of the website but bring great results when it comes to gaining the user trust.

8. Use of trust badges and logos: 

Most of the reputed companies display reliable logos or symbols as a method to boost the trust factor among the users. It automatically increases the reliability factor and the users do not hesitate to make payments and continue the business with your brand. 

Every brand should make effort in earning such reliable badges and ensure to position them on the appropriate spots on their websites. This factor amplifies the trust like no other and help business to expand and instill confidence for lifetime on the part of the brand. 


It is not enough to have a good-looking website and create a great business out of it. The users today are well aware about different aspects like the security in the Internet world, availability of usable content, importance of trust logos and thus every business organization should pay attention to it. If you will keep in mind all the above-mentioned measures, the trustworthiness among the users will not be a tough nut to crack. The most credible of the websites have also taken these measures and are now enjoying the perks of the same which is a great reason that you should also follow their footsteps.


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