Top Email Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2022

By | April 17, 2022

Given all those social media, mobile, and advanced branches of digital marketing, you may wonder why is email marketing still alive? No, really, what makes emails be among the most employed digital marketing strategies these days?

Although emails are trailblazers of digital marketing, they are indeed very much in use now for a reason. First and foremost, writing and sending emails is effortless: you compose a message, choose the receiver, and click the Send button.

While elementary and pretty static, the approach toward email marketing has changed enormously. It isn’t enough now to compile a text and send it; you must pay close attention to the letter’s appearance, attachments, and many more elements. Curious to learn what email marketing methods will prevail this year? Here are several marketing trends you can’t avoid!

Email Marketing Trends

Crisp and refined visuals

Keep in mind that your target recipient may receive multiple emails daily, so working on its visual element is a must. You can’t afford to include numerous items in the email to make your letter more informative. You must focus on refined and crisp visuals that deliver more information than seems at first glance.

To illustrate, assume your goal is to motivate people to visit your web page. What do you think the best stimulation might be? A gift card is an excellent and effective incentive! When creating an email, add a visually appealing gift card. You can design one using this gift certificate template list. Importantly, remember about the audience and their individual preferences.

Enhanced segmentation

There is no one-size-fits-all email technique, meaning you can’t come up with one email, send it to all the contacts, and get the anticipated result. It will simply do you no good. So, what’s the solution? Enhanced segmentation has shown incredible results at the end of 2021, becoming a real trend in 2022.

In plain terms, boosted segmentation relies on a more profound analysis of clients alongside their behavioral data, location, personality, preferences, and interests. Besides helping you create different categories of customers, enhanced segmentation shows you how people’s behavior and habits change over time. This, in turn, enables you to improve your products and/or services and tailor them to clients’ needs and expectations.

Advanced use of Artificial Intelligence

Data is king, but data is hardly an earl without knowing how to process and reap results from it. Artificial Intelligence is the tool for analyzing and using these bulks of data. And although rarely implemented in email marketing, it has already made professional marketers reevaluate the effectiveness of AI and include it in their marketing agenda.

The great thing about AI is that it can perform complicated tasks and deliver valuable predictions. Using AI will let you design stunning subject lines and email campaigns. It will also empower you to do crucial analyses and create surveys to find ways to improve the subsequent email marketing campaigns.

Advanced use of Artificial Intelligence

Improved mobile optimization

Smartphones are much more accessible than laptops and personal computers, but only a few brands consider smartphones when working on an email campaign. Improved mobile optimization is a trend that will remain with us for a very long time, as the number of mobile email users will only ascend.

Therefore, ensure smartphone users receive clear, captivating, and informative emails. Also, mobile emails must load speedily and show all the intended elements, such as the links, CTA buttons, pictures, etc.

Impeccable landing pages

A landing page is usually embedded into the Call to Action button that is always placed in the most visible spot in the email. Such links invite the readers to click on them and learn more about something essential. While making such buttons attention-getting is necessary, it’s also equally important to build a high-quality landing page. Otherwise, people won’t do the final and most crucial step – buy your product or service or share the link.

Designing a decent landing page is a serious pitfall for many marketers; not that it is impossible to complete (though building a good landing page requires plenty of effort, without any doubt). But because many marketers forget to do that and work more on CTA buttons and links instead.

Perfected interactive elements

Marketing is a competitive field saturated with creative professionals striving to stand out from the crowd. Focusing on interactivity allows experts to improve the outcomes of email marketing campaigns. By including GIFs, sounds, surveys and polls, gamification components, and a wide range of imagery effects, they aspire to bolster interactivity, improve the customer experience, and stimulate the clients to complete the desired actions.

Perfected interactive elements

Frequented user-generated content

It is no wonder that bloggers, influencers, and brands now heavily rely on user-generated content. User-generated content exercises the word-of-mouth technique and boosts the product’s credibility. Once people see other users’ reviews about the item, they are more inclined to purchase it. Collecting user-generated content is effortless, whatever your brand produces – photos, comments, videos, polls, you name it.


Emails are an intrinsic part of many marketing campaigns, but it doesn’t mean companies always use emails effectively. Some techniques may be known to you, while others may not. Notwithstanding, whatever your marketing targets, try to use the mentioned trends to achieve your goals shortly.