Things To Consider When Buying Your First Drone For Photography

By | December 6, 2022

Things To Consider When Buying Your First Drone For Photography

Credit: Eugene Kim under CC BY 2.0]

There’s no doubt about it: drones can help you capture some amazing photographs. However, it’s also true that photos taken with drones won’t always come out perfectly. Some common reasons why drone photos can look bad include shooting in daylight or dull weather, not thinking out the composition of a photo, or not using any post-production.

Yet another reason forms the foundation of great drone photography, and that’s your equipment. Without the right drone, you’ll have fewer chances to take great shots. This guide is for aspiring drone photographers looking to buy their first drone and kickstart their journey.

The camera

You can’t use a drone for photography without this, so it should be the very first thing you consider. The best drone cameras have a resolution of 12 MP or higher, sensors that lower the exposure time needed to capture clear images, and a focal length of at least 35 mm. More premium models even have additional features like adjustable aperture. If you’re on a budget but own a digital camera, some models even allow you to attach it to the drone itself.

Obstacle avoidance

If you’ve got some extra cash to spare, you may want to consider splurging for this premium feature. A drone with obstacle avoidance uses an infrared transmitter to scan its surroundings. It can then react immediately and automatically to avoid any untimely crashes. This is perfect if you’re planning to frequently shoot in areas like cities and forests — places where things like trees and concrete buildings are abundant. If you want to buy a more premium model, look for those with obstacle avoidance features that work on both static and moving objects.

The gimbal

Wind speeds generally increase the higher you go. If you’re looking to take some stunning, all-encompassing photos from higher up than normal, you’ll want a way to keep your drone steady enough to take those shots. The gimbal acts as a drone’s stabilizing factor. This attachment is often found in mid- to high-range drones in terms of price. However, it’s definitely worth it if you want to take photos that aren’t limited to keeping your drone near the ground.


If you need a gimbal attachment, you’ll probably need a drone with good range, too. Range simply refers to how far a drone can get away from you while still remaining under your control. Budget drones can usually stay within a room or a yard, while premium models can go farther and higher. Consider what kind of photos you want to take when picking between a drone with low, medium, or high range. You should also follow local drone rules. In India, you can fly your drone up to 200 feet if you’re not near an airport.

Battery life

It’s likely you’ll mostly be working in outdoor settings when taking photos with a drone. Getting a drone with the right battery life can help you better time your shots as you won’t be worrying about how much time you have left. The best models last for half an hour, and other drones last for less. This information should help you determine if you want to splurge on a premium drone or simply buy spare batteries instead.

Having the right drone is vital in taking great photographs. Once you know what to consider, picking the perfect model should be a piece of cake.

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