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By | October 27, 2022

The world of the internet can present users with an incredible amount of content if they know to look into the right place. Tools like VPNs and rotating residential proxies have grown immensely since the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown in 2020 put people with no other options to but find entertainment from inside their own homes. This could be a big case for why we saw such a huge rise in VPN usage during the lockdown period, and for more than just wanting to protect their online identity.

There has been a huge increase in streaming platforms and services that you need to subscribe to get the best TV shows, movies, and entertainment content. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and others have made it so it is incredibly expensive for someone who wants the best movies and TV shows directly to their home. On top of this, the streaming options for each platform’s full content directory are limited, due to geographical restrictions and regulations. 

This can be thoroughly frustrating for internet users who want to get access to the best content without it being restricted, censored, or just unattainably expensive to subscribe to. Here are the best ways and tricks to get online content: 

A VPN Can Unlock Content

A VPN can be a fantastic tool when it comes to getting online content. As mentioned previously, many streaming platforms can limit their content library based on where you are watching in the world. This can be particularly frustrating when it comes to a TV show or movie that is not what you would typically find in your region. A good example can be when the hit TV show Bridgerton was published on Netflix. While many people around Europe binged and enjoyed an award-winning show, people in the United States were not able to find Bridgerton in their Netflix library. To be able to watch Bridgerton, just like their UK counterparts, people in the US would have to use a VPN and reroute their location to the UK. This works for other forms of content that someone might enjoy too. 

Sports can often be a completely national event and that can be said for the game of snooker and the UK. The game of snooker does have popularity around the whole world, and this reach can go to the United States or even Asia. If someone wants to watch snooker from these regions, they will find getting this content almost impossible. Snooker content is only available through the BBC, a national UK media channel. They have the BBC iPlayer, but again, this is something exclusively available to residents of the UK. A VPN can be a helpful workaround to this, allowing you to relocate your IP address to the UK and watch all the snooker content you could dream of. This premise works the same for other niche sports which are limited to certain countries but have widespread popularity.

Firesticks and Other Streaming Devices

A Firestick and devices that allow direct streaming to your TV can be huge for unlocking online content for free and getting more from the internet. These streaming devices are packed with hundreds of apps that can give you live TV channels and apps. You can watch anything from CNBC News to Netflix. There are other options like ESPN, Amazon Music, HBO, and Peacock which are paid options but can grant you a content library of some of the latest hit TV shows, movies, and sporting events. Installing a Firestick, Roku, or other streaming device is super easy, and when used in collaboration with a VPN, can give you any kind of content from all over the world. Without a VPN, you may be restricted to wherever you are in the world and the broadcasting companies that cater to that region. For example, if you are in the UK you would not have options like HBO Max and ESPN whereas if you are in the US you would not be able to watch Britbox and others. 

An Amazon Firestick can be a huge tool in getting streamed online content to your TV, opening up a world of movies and TV shows that could save you so much money in the long run. A Firestick has many free applications and downloadable tools that can get you streaming the latest movies and TV shows, but you should be wary about using a free and licensed app and not a syndicated one that streams illegal content. This could be an app which is showing the latest movies and TV shows that have either just been released or are usually behind a paywall. Using a Firestick, you can find hundreds of free movie and TV apps. Apps like IMDb TV, Pluto TV, and Tubi TV can get you thousands of movies, TV shows, and even access to live TV and sports too! 

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