MovieTube 2021: Top 10+ Best Alternatives To Watch Quality Movies for Free

By | January 27, 2021

How often do you watch movies? If the answer is frequently, how often do you watch them for free? Not much, right? Well, that’s mainly because you aren’t aware of the best free movie websites like MovieTube. Not only is the website the best in terms of its available content, but it is also one of those premium websites that hosts some of the latest releases as well.

It is no doubt that MovieTube is a pirated and illegal movie website, which means that everything on this platform is sourced illegally from other copyrighted platforms. So, while you are trying to download the content from the platform, make sure that you keep an eye out for the source of the content. This is extremely important. It hosts a range of torrent links that enables the users to download the content as per requirements.

Here, we are going to discuss every last thing that you need to know about MovieTube and why it is one of the best-pirated movie websites available on the internet. Additionally, understand that we intend to share basic knowledge and not promote piracy.

What is MovieTube?


For the users who aren’t aware, MovieTube is a popular pirated movie downloading website that allows you to download your favorite movies ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood launches that you can watch for free without paying anything in excess.

It hosts torrent links, which means that you will have to compromise on that front when it comes to this website. But, the quality of the available movies is pretty amazing, enabling you to experience the absolute best with this website.

Just ensure that you keep an eye out on the updates and try and avert downloading the latest releases because there’s no assurance of the quality and it is not ethical as well.

What are the features of MovieTube?

With that basic overview of the website out of the way, the next thing worth focusing on is the features. The website has a very basic layout and design that makes the users navigate through to find the ideal content worth watching.

Some of the most important features on the website include:

1. Minimalistic UI

The very first and likely the most important feature of this website is the minimal user interface. It doesn’t bunch everything on the homepage, making it easier for you to find the movies that you are interested in watching. That is not where it stops though, the homepage is sorted into categories and hosts the primary and latest releases on the homepage, making it a lot easier for you to navigate through the website without any complications. This website is particularly amazing for the non-tech people who want a simple website to download content from.

2. HD quality movies

With free movie websites, expecting HD quality movies can be a little too much and deceiving. But, MovieTube takes care of that for their users. It enables the users to download HD quality movies, ranging between 360p to 720p, which is pretty good for a free movie website. Additionally, the quality of the existing content is also updated once the movie release has crossed a few months, enabling the users to watch good quality movies.

3. Plethora of categories

Another stunning feature about this platform worth looking into is the number of categories available on the platform. They have the latest categories with the new movies and a few other categories with the classic movies that have been released before. But, the categories make the process of finding the desired movie a lot easier and faster. Not just that, the platform also has a dedicated search button that lets you find the specific movie that you feel like watching.

4. Weekly updates

For the users who binge-watch movies and shows, this feature is going to be your best friend. It enables the users to experience the absolute best with the weekly updates that enable the users to watch their favorite content that is updated every week. So, if you are done watching one movie and have been waiting for some new updates, you wouldn’t have to bang your head for the same for long, which is pretty amazing.

Categories on MovieTube

Coming to the categories, there are quite a few popular ones that you can check out. Some of them include:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Genre
  • Years
  • More
  • 2020

How to download movies on MovieTube?

Now that you have decided what you want to download from the website, there are a few steps that you need to follow.

  1. Start by visiting the official website of MovieTube. In case that isn’t available, you can check out the mirror websites too.
  2. Once you open the website and you are on the homepage, you can search for the specific movie that you want to download
  3. Once the movie turns up on the search results, you can then navigate to the movie and then click on the thumbnail of the movie to open it in a new tab
  4. Navigate down to the bottom of the page to find the download button to ensure the seamless download of the movie

Legal alternatives for MovieTube

Coming round to the legal alternatives of this website, we have a few important ones that you can take a look at. 

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Jio Cinemas
  4. Sony LIV
  5. Zee 5
  6. Voot
  7. MX Player
  8. Popcorn Flix
  9. ALT Balaji
  10. Hotstar


1. Is MovieTube a legal movie downloading website?

No, it is a pirated website that hosts copyrighted content on the platform.

2. Does MovieTube require a VPN?

If MovieTube is restricted or banned in your country, there is no point using the VPN for this website.

3. Is MovieTube a safe website?

Yes, it is a safe website despite hosting illegal content, especially because they don’t require any kind of registration on the website.


We have mentioned from the get-go that MovieTube is a pirated movie downloading website. So, our intent with this article is to provide our readers with the knowledge and to no promote piracy. We value the work of creators, so we’d always suggest that the readers opt for the legal alternatives instead of the illegal and pirated movie websites.