Movies Counter: Top 10+ Alternatives To Your One-Stop Movie Destination in 2021

By | February 10, 2021

Everyone needs refreshment and entertainment. We usually watch movies, listen to music, go out with friends in our leisure hours. However, due to our busily scheduled lives, it has become impossible to go out daily for a bit of refreshment. For a quick change of mood, people nowadays visit an online movie or music streaming sites and stream their movies, music, web series, etc. Now, a lot of these sites are illegal, while a few are legal. People usually prefer illegal alternatives because legal alternatives need subscription charges. 

If you are in search of a top-rated movie streaming site online, visit Movies Counter. The site’s broad and diverse collection of movies, web series, etc. is sure to amaze you. With its high audio and video quality, every viewer is bound to enjoy streaming movies on this platform. If you are willing to know more about Movies Counter, keep reading below. 

What is Movies Counter?

Movies Counter

Movies Counter is a free online platform where users can stream and download the latest movies and web series. Apart from web series, one can also enjoy top documentaries, short films, trailers, etc. When it comes to streaming the latest collections of Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional films, Movies Counter is the best site for you. It has become extremely notorious for its unauthorized activities in a short span because of its high-quality services. 

However, you must know that Movies Counter is an illegal site. It hosts the pirated version of contents which is illegal. Hence, accessing Movies Counter is an illegal act in India. Though the government has banned the original site, it continues to function by changing its domains frequently. So, if you are looking for a reliable, free site for enjoying movies in your free time, come to Movies Counter. 

Features of Movies Counter

Movies Counter has become famous due to its fantastic features. Its amazing features have differentiated the site from the rest of the illegal sites available online. Below mentioned are some of its features. 

1. Well planned website

The layout of this site is commendable. Allowing viewers to navigate through the site easily, Movies Counter has successfully grabbed the interest and attention of active movie freaks. The site earns millions of traffic every year, because of the hassle-free browsing experience it offers. 

2. No pop-up ads

This is probably the best feature of Movies Counter. The site doesn’t support ads. Viewers hence do not have to come across several unwanted advertisements in the middle of streaming movies online. They can stay focused and enjoy the movie without interruptions. 

3. Dubbed versions available

Unlike the other illegal sites, Movies Counter uploads dubbed versions of major blockbusters. This enables viewers of different cultures and states to enjoy movies of other regions in the language they understand. Thus Movies Counter is successfully delivering movies far and wide and catering to the varying demands of people. 

4. Movies of different qualities available

The best part about Movies Counter is that it offers satisfactory video and audio quality. Unlike the other illegal sites, this site offers movies in multiple formats like 1020p, 320p, 720p, etc. Users can choose any format in which they want to stream their movies. 

What are the categories on Movies Counter? 

One can find the following categories of movies on Movies Counter: 

  • Comedy
  • Hindi new download
  • Hollywood dubbed movies
  • Thrillers
  • Latest documentaries
  • HD Telugu movie download
  • Latest films HD download

Steps to download/watch movies from Movies Counter 

Are you looking for ways to stream or download content from Movies Counter? Go through the steps explained below. 

  1. Users first have to click on the official site link of Movies Counter. 
  2. The link will take them directly to the site’s home page. There, users can search for the desired content in the search bar. They can also browse through the categories and find it out. 
  3. Once they have got the movie, they were looking for, click on that movie. 
  4. Now, choose any suitable format in which the movie is to be streamed or downloaded. 
  5. Users will be redirected to another page. 
  6. Now they need to click on ” download” or “stream now” as per their choice. The movie site offers multiple downloading and streaming links. If one link isn’t operative, they can switch over to the next one. 

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can watch your favourite movie or web series online or download it on your device and watch it offline anytime, anywhere. 

Best alternatives to Movies Counter

For people who do not want to access Movies Counter because it’s illegal, we have listed below some of the well known legal alternatives to this site. 

  1. Sun XT
  2. Yupp TV
  3. Hindilinks 4u
  4. Sabwap
  5. Bolly4u
  6. Hotstar
  7. Voot
  8. RARBG
  9. India4movie
  10. Zee5


1. Is it secure to stream movies on Movies Counter?

No, accessing Movies Counter isn’t safe. If an individual is caught red-handed, he /she will be punished as per the terms of the anti-piracy law. Besides being hailed, the person will also have to pay compensation charges of about 3 lakhs. Secondly, sites like Movies Counter can harm your device too. It might get hacked, putting your identity at risk. It can also cause your device to malfunction. 

2. Why is it advised to connect your device to a VPN server?

To maintain your anonymity, you must connect your device to a VPN network. Change your IP address to a foreign location, so that government officials find it difficult to trace the user. 

3. How soon does Movies Counter release new films?

Movies Counter upload pirated versions of the latest movies and web series within a week. All contents are available in HD resolution and good audio quality. 

4. Do users have to sign in or subscribe to it?

No, users do not have to register or subscribe to this site. They can stream or download content without hassles. 


Sites like Movies Counter which are involved in the piracy business severely affect the box office collections of new movies. The government is trying its best to stop the activities of these piracy sites so that the film industries can earn what they deserve. The content of this article was to enlighten our readers about this illegal business going on. We aim at promoting the use of legal and safer means of entertainment, which is good for the government, film industries, and audience. We hence urge our readers to take this issue seriously and start using legal movie streaming alternatives.


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