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By | January 13, 2022

Are you sitting at home with nothing to do? Do you want to stream your favourite movies but do not have a Netflix subscription? Worry not. With MovieRetina at your service, you can watch Netflix originals and the latest movies and web series for free, at home. After a long, tiring day, you can now sit with your friends and family and binge-watch your favourite web series, movies, and documentaries on MovieRetina. The best part is you don’t have to pay subscription charges in return for your services. If you are willing to know more about MovieRetina, continue reading below. 

What is MovieRetina? 

One of the most popular movies streaming or downloading channels is the movie Retina. It’s an illegal movie providing platform, that enables users to access and stream its contents for free. Even users can download movies from this site free of cost. Apart from movies, the site hosts various newly released web series too. The site constantly updates its contents, to make sure every new content is on this site. Users can also give feedback and reviews. The site even allows people to request their favourite movies. 

Language isn’t a Barrier to this site. One can stream movies in every language. To make sure people from every region and culture can stream movies of their choice, the site hosts a wide variety of movies. The best part is most contents are available in HD quality. You can either stream it online or download it. However, the only thing you need to remember is that you cannot use MovieRetina on your own. You have to access it through the telegram application. 

Features of MovieRetina

MovieRetina has become such a top priority for people because of its amazing features. 

These features enhance the movie streaming experience of people. Let’s see some of the features of MovieRetina. 

1. Multiple links for streaming and downloading

The site offers multiple links for downloading. If a link isn’t functioning, you can try out the other links given below. Similarly, if you cannot stream the movie online from one link, you can click on the other links. 

2. Multiple formats

Contents on Moviesretina are available in various formats. Usually every film, web series, video, or trailer is available in high definition. However, apart from 1020p, there are other formats available like 320p, 720p, 480 p, etc. You can choose any format to stream videos of your choice.  

3. Hassle-free accessibility

Unlike other movie streaming sites, MovieRetina offers services for free. Neither do you have to register on this site nor do you have to pay subscription charges? There’s no hassle of creating an account, giving all details, and registering on this site. 

4. Broad collection

You probably won’t believe your eyes after seeing this site’s diverse collection of movies. Besides movies, you can stream TV programs, award functions, web series, thrillers, and Various other types of content. Also, the contents are from various genres. You can watch drama, fiction, horror, comedy, psychological thriller, and whatnot. 

Categories of movies on MovieRetina

To enable people to get their favourite movies easily, the site has classified its contents. Given below are some of its categories: 

  • Hindi movie downloads
  • Hollywood HD movies
  • Tamil dubbed movies
  • Old Hindi movies
  • Telegu films free download
  • Latest Hindi movies

Steps to download/ stream movies on MovieRetina

MovieRetina isn’t a difficult site to access. If you are unaware of how to access it, go through the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Download the Telegram app from Google play store or Apple store. 
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it. 
  3. If you are new to this application, you have to register on it. Give your mobile number and other details and you will be done. If you are an old user, you can skip this process. 
  4. Now, search for MovieRetina. In case you do get the site on telegram you can search for it on any web browser. 
  5. Now click on any active link of MovieRetina. You will get an arrow that will allow you to open MovieRetina through telegram. Click on the logo of telegram to do so. 
  6. Now you will enter the group of MovieRetina. You need to click on join. 
  7. Once you have joined the group, you will continue receiving movie updates and other notifications from telegram. 
  8. You can check out the media section of the site. Click on the link to any movie you would like to download. Once it’s downloaded, you can stream it offline. 

Legal alternatives to MovieRetina

Since accessing MovieRetina is different from accessing the other illegal torrent sites, people are often hesitant to use it. We have listed some legal alternatives to MovieRetina that you can prefer to watch. 

1. MoviesWood

MoviesWood is a website based on Torrent which helps in the distribution of different types of content. This website does not come with any subscription or rental plan and users will simply be able to download movies and tv shows they want for absolutely free of charge. The website is also safe to use and they only generate money through all the advertisements they show on their website. There is no information about the source of the website and it is maintained by unidentified people from remote locations. MoviesWood is safe to use for everyone looking to download any movies online.

  • CriticBay
  • Moviecastblog
  • Best HD Movies
  • Netflix
  • GoodMaza
  • Movie Publish 
  • Bolly4U 


1. Is it difficult to watch movies on MovieRetina?

No, streaming or downloading movies from MovieRetina isn’t difficult at all. It’s a free movie streaming site. The only other thing you need is the telegram app. 

2. What are the specialties of MovieRetina?

We have already enlisted from of the fantastic features of MovieRetina. The site is popular because of the vast collection of movies it brings forth. It provides multiple formats and downloading links to people. Besides that, there are dubbed versions of original films available on this site. 

3. What are the dangers associated with accessing MovieRetina?

Since MovieRetina is an illegal site, accessing it is illegal. An individual caught red-handed can be jailed or charged a sum of 3 lakhs as compensation. Also, your device might be hacked.

4. What are the kinds of movies found on MovieRetina? 

MovieRetina hosts a variety of movies from every genre and language. You will get Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu and English, and many other regional movies. Similarly, you can watch thrillers, web series, science fiction, drama, horror films, and whatnot. 


The content given above doesn’t intend to promote or support the piracy business. Through this article, we only tried to warn our readers against accessing such sites. Sites like MovieRetina are illegal. They leak the latest films, web series, and videos without copyright permissions enabling people to watch them for free. As such these sites have caused losses to our film industries. As responsible citizens, we request everyone to understand this grave issue and use legal alternatives instead.


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