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By | March 9, 2022

Entertainment at Your Fingertips: MKVCage

What could be better than lounging at home all day? Well, lounging at home with easy access to some of your favourite TV shows and movies! If you are a homebody who enjoys spending time at home, you must have your entertainment options sorted. The best way to keep you entertained is to follow an intriguing and surprising storyline that movies and TV shows offer.

However, unfortunately, it can be a struggle to find an online streaming platform that offers you the latest movies. If a movie has just been released in theatres, you will not be able to easily find it online. Even if you find it online, it may not be of the best picture quality. So, should you give up on being able to watch the movie anytime soon? No! That’s where MKVCage can help you out!

How does MKVCage work?


Want to be able to enjoy a great movie experience form the comfort of your own home? MKVCage is the website that you should visit. On this website no only do you find the latest movies, but you also find excellent picture quality for these movies. You will not have to settle for a bad print just because the movie is brand new. You can enjoy clear and HD picture quality for your movies, no matter how new or old they are. 

What are the features of this website?

What helps this website stand out from the rest, and why do people prefer this website over many others?

Let’s take a look at some of the features that this website offers its users:

  • Free Streaming: What could be better than the ability to watch theatre-like picture quality form the comfort of your own home? With MKVCage, this is possible every day. You do not need to pay for their services, nor do you have to create an account or provide them with any personal information or bank details. All you have to do is visit the website, and you are good to go. 
  • HD Picture Quality: When you are watching a movie, but the print is pixelated, it can suck all of the enjoyment out of the movie. But, on this website, you never have to worry about that. Form 480p to 720p and even 1080p, you can watch your desired movie on the highest resolution to ensure that you do not miss out on any detail. With the option to toggle between different resolutions, you also can choose a lower resolution if you have a slower internet connection. Thus, everyone can enjoy a movie on this website.
  • Latest and Classic Movies: No matter when a movie has been released, you can easily find it. Unlike other websites, you do not have to wait for a long time to watch the latest movies on this website. Enjoy newly released movies right away and in great picture quality.
  • Regional Movies: The ability to watch regional movies on this website is, perhaps, the most distinguishing feature. It can be challenging to find regional moves on other websites. The options to view reginal movies are quite limited. Hence, this website brings you the ability to enjoy regional moves without any issues at all.
  • Dubbed Movies: There are so many movies that are out of your reach, for those who would like to call themselves a movie buff can be extremely disheartening. But with MKVCage, you can widen your horizons. This website helps you open up the doors to movies in different languages. With Hindi dubs, you will be able to bridge the gap in language and enjoy more movies and TV shows.
  • Download Movies: While it is fun to enjoy movie shows from the comfort of your home where you have the internet, what about when you are travelling? When you are travelling, more often than not, you do not have a stable internet connection. So, downloaded movies and TV shows become your saviour! Thanks to this website, you have the option to download every movie that you watch!

Why MKVCage?

There are several online streaming platforms out there, so why should you opt for MKVCage?

This website has several features that help distinguish it from the rest. The service and movie titles that you will find on this website may be challenging to find anywhere else. You find the latest Bollywood movies on this website, but you will also find Hollywood movies and regional ones. 

Here are the main categories which MKVCage focuses on:

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Regional Moves (Tamil. Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc.)
  • Hindi Dub Movies

Thus, it is evident that this website keeps its user’s needs in mind; it focuses on bringing the hard to find titles to its audiences. While the audience for nice categories such as regional movies and hind dub moves may not be large, this website aims to ensure that no matter your preferences, when you visit this website, you should find something which will keep you entertained.

Are there any alternatives to this website?

Wonder if you can get similar services on other platforms? As mentioned earlier, there are several online streaming platforms, and while they may not be able to offer all of the features of MKVCage, they are still worth looking into. Below are some alternatives to MKVCage that you can check out:

1. Netflix:

The most popular paid streaming service, Netflix, is synonymous with online movie streaming. Not only do you get to watch movies released on theatres, but you also get to watch original shows which cannot be found anywhere else.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

Juts like Netflix; this is an online streaming venture by Amazon. Amazon Prime members enjoy better benefits with regards to faster shipping and exclusive offers, but they also enjoy watching movies on Prime Videos. Prime Videos features some original movies and TV shows, and it also has a host of regional moves.

3. Crackle:

Sony owns this streaming service, and it offers users the ability to watch movies and TV shows for free legally. If you want to enjoy free content but do not risk watching pirated content, crackle will be your saviour.

4. ErosNow:

An initiative by Eros Entertainment, here you will get your Bollywood fix. It is quite easy to find what you want to watch on this website, from classics to newer movies. Regional movies are also available on this platform. So, you do not have to settle for only watching Hindi movies. Users can also enjoy Pakistani TV Shows and Channels on this app.

5. Oh, Free Movies:

Love to watch free content but are tired of the ads that you see? Well, with Oh, Free Movies, you can finally have it all. Once you download the free app, you can easily download and watch whichever movie that you like, for free!

6. 123movies

123 movies is yet another pirated website that leaks pirated content, without having their copyright permissions. It is, of course, an illegal site, browsing through, which is considered illegal. But people prefer using this site because they get to access its contents for free. The site has earned millions of traffic with its highly unique and diversified contents which cover every category of films. You can get old and new Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Hindi, and Hollywood dubbed films on this site. The site’s contents are categorized into groups based on their genre, year of release of language which makes finding out your desired film easy.  

7. Tubi TV

Looking at the name of the platform, you ought to be confused with Tubi TV. Like Tubi TV, Tubi is another streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation. It hosts more than 20000 varieties of content in its library. Not just movies, you get access to a plethora of other content including television shows, web series, short films, etc. It’s an ad-supported program and provides free services. So, if you are unable to afford the high subscription fees of the legal movie streaming platforms, accessing Tubi is the best decision. 

8. Rarbg

Rarbg is a torrent website that has a huge library of movies and TV shows in it. The website is known for also having a huge collection of music videos and games. Here in Rarbg users will be able to find download links to almost all the popular and latest movies with a lot of peers making the download quite fast and simple. There is no option of direct streaming the movie or TV show so users will have to download them to be able to watch it. All the downloads from Rarbg can be watched even in offline mode making it quite a choice amongst a lot of people.


1. How do I use MKVCages?

It is quite easy to use this website. Once you visit the website, you will be presented with a host of movie titles and more. From this list, you will find the latest and most popular movie and TV show titles that you can watch. If there is something specific you are looking for, you can use the search function to look up that particular movie title! It is easy to find and start watching movies on this website.

2. Can I download movies on this website, and how?

Yes! The best part of MKVCage is that you can download the movies that you watch on this website. Hence, you can enjoy them later as well. When you click on a movie title that you are interested in, you will be taken to the movie player. Once you scroll down a little bit, you will find the option to download the movie. You can select the size of the move; if you do not have a lot of space to spare on your memory disk, you can select the 300 MB option.

3. What kind of picture quality do I get?

With this website, you can watch Blu-Ray-like picture quality. You have the option to select the resolution that you want to watch your movie. For those with a slower internet connection, it is better to select a lower resolution. However, even with the lowest resolution, you will get clear and detailed picture quality.


MKVCage deals with pirated content. Since it showcases other people’s Intellectual Property, without any legal permission, it means that this website is illegal. Hence, you must be cautious when you decide to visit this web page. You need to be aware of your country’s piracy and copyright laws to ensure that you do not fall into any trouble. When clicking on any link on this website, make sure that they are safe.


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