10 Best Legal Alternatives to LookMovie Site in 2023

By | February 18, 2023

One of the best sources of entertainment is movies. Movies are loved and enjoyed by people of all ages and gender. Movies come to the rescue whenever we feel bored or seeking some entertainment. With the emergence of OTT platforms and online movie streaming sites, people have started to watch movies to a large extent. The easy accessibility has increased the rate of movie watchers. Some years ago, ‘Theatres’ was the only source to watch new movies. But, now, OTT platforms have become one of the top places to stream newly released movies. 

Illegal online movie streaming sites have emerged as the biggest competitor to OTT platforms. These illegal piracy sites are attracting a crowd to a great extent as they offer newly launched movies for free. People can find pirated versions of new movies and series on illegal online movie streaming sites. You can also find HD movies on most of the piracy sites. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. You must know that these piracy sites are functioning against the government’s norms and policies. The government, very often take measures to block these piracy sites, but these illegal online movie streaming sites come back to life now and then through new proxies or domains. 

What is LookMovie? 


LookMovie is one of the piracy sites that contain pirated versions of newly released movies and series. It is popular for releasing Hollywood films just within minutes of their release. This piracy site has leaked some popular movies like a parasite, the gentlemen, The platform, Bad boys, Aladin, 1917, etc. According to the global ranking based on piracy sites, Lookmovie is one of the very popular illegal movie streaming sites in the world. 

Categories of content available in LookMovie piracy site

You can find movies in various languages and genres in LookMovie. Below are some of the categories of content available in LookMovie. Take a look. 

  1. Hollywood 720 p movies 
  2. Bollywood 300 MB movies 
  3. Bengali movies 720 p 
  4. Punjabi movies 720 p 
  5. Dual audio 720 p movies 
  6. Dual audio 1080 p movies 
  7. Cartoon and Anime movies 720 p
  8. Anime shows

Features of LookMovie piracy site 

A piracy site needs to easy to access a variety of content to attract viewers. LookMovie has them all perfectly.

1. Easy layout 

LookMovie comes with an easy layout for people to access it within a matter of seconds. Its easy user interface (UI) is one of the reasons for its Fame. 

2. Variety of content 

You can find content ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood on the LookMovie website. It also has so many anime shows in it. You can just select a particular category to view a huge list of movies in it. 

3. Dubbed versions of movies

Viewers can find a lot of dubbed movies in LookMovie. It has dubbed the movies in both 720p and 1080 p versions. 

4. Flexible resolutions 

Another catchy feature of the LookMovie piracy site is its flexible resolution. If your device has less storage space you can download or stream movies in lower resolution to stop them from consuming more amount of space. LookMovie even provides movies in 300 MB to save space on your device. 

Steps to download and stream movies or shows on LookMovie website 

If you are unable to find LookMovie in Your Country, you should probably install VPN software or an app. If the website is blocked in your country, VPN will help you access it. 

  1. You must enter the correct domain of the website in the VPN search box after you select the country in which it is available. 
  2. Once you find the website you can enter it inside it. Finding the correct domain of look movies is important. 
  3. After you enter the site you can use the search bar available in the top corner to search for the movies you want to watch. 
  4. When the list of movies appears, you can click the movie that you want to watch to start streaming it. 
  5. If you are waiting to download it, there will be your download link available next to the movie. You can click it. 
  6. You can also select the links and continue following the next steps to save the movie on your device. 

Legal alternatives to LookMovie piracy site

1. GoStream

GoStream is one of those torrent sites which are very easy to access. Though no such movie is hosted by the website itself, it offers a wide range of both old and new movies. The users can choose the print quality in which they want to watch or download any particular content. It offers both SD as well as HD mode to the users. All movies and the rest of the content featured on this site are offered on a variety of print qualities. You can simply search for its name on the internet and you’ll be taken directly to the homepage of Go stream. 

2. Moviewatcher

This is another well-known known alternative of LookMovie used by a lot of users. It is very popular amongst movie enthusiasts and torrent lovers. The website offers exciting features like high-quality visuals and interesting content. The directory of this website contains over ten thousand shows, series and movies. It has a highly user-friendly imperative that’s the reason why it can be used for kinds of users including those who don’t know much about it. The movies and shows are classified according to their genre and other fabrics and are added in different categories. 

  • MX Player 
  • Amazon Prime Video 
  • YouTube 
  • IMDb TV 
  • Pluto TV 
  • Hulu 
  • Zee5 
  • Sony Liv 
  • Sun NXT 
  • Disney plus hot star 


1. Why is look movie illegal? 

LookMovie is illegal because it violates the government’s rules and policies. It contains pirated versions of new movies and web series. 

2. Which is the best legal alternative to watch Bollywood movies? 

You can find a lot of Bollywood movies in Zee5 and Amazon Prime Video. 

3. Which is the free legal alternative to LookMovie? 

As many of the legal alternatives require payment to function, only a handful of them is free. If you’re looking to watch movies for free you can use MX Player or YouTube.


Our intention is not to promote or encourage illegal movie streaming sites. We also do not encourage any activities related to piracy. Watching movies on piracy sites are considered illegal and a crime. If caught, these people will be penalized and even sent to prison with a sentence of six months to one year. And, not just this, watching movies on illegal sites are dangerous to your devices too. These websites contain pop-up ads, which will easily attract viruses to your mobile phone, laptops, or computers. So, avoid watching movies or series through these sites as it is very unsafe. Instead, prefer watching video content through legal platforms like the ones mentioned above. If you are a true movie fan, you should encourage watching films through legal platforms. This not only supports the government, but also encourages the movie makers and their hard work and effort.