Top 12+ Best Alternatives for Jio Rockers Tamil & Telugu in 2021

By | November 11, 2021

No one in this world will complain about free things in life. This is a fact. Now everybody will agree that once in a lifetime they have downloaded something from the internet, whether it may be a picture, a song, or even a video. If you are downloading from its source, then you have to pay for the content that you are downloading unless you are doing it from a pirated source or if it is free. With the boom of the internet, you must have heard about Torrent files. Torrent files are pirated content of anything and everything imaginable. Most people use torrents to download movies of their choice. 

Most people agree that watching movies is relaxing, and for many, it is almost like their religion. Watching videos of one’s own choice is a great way to relax and kill time. Movies can act as a brilliant leisure activity and can also be used for educational purposes. Every day all over the world, new movies are being shot and released to the public for them to enjoy. Even in India, where there is such a diverse population with so many languages, vernacular movies are released. Not only do people watch movies, but they also enjoy the millions of TV shows as well as web series that are available. When so much content is available out there, one is spoilt for choice. Hardly do people want to go through the tedious advertisements that prolong a 30 minutes video to 1 hour. 

These people opt for subscriptions in websites that legally allows its users to enjoy web series, TV shows as well as movies for a price. This can be a monthly subscription or even some people by yearly ones. Many people considered that paying money for such service is unnecessary as it is readily available on the Internet if you look carefully for it. Downloading copyrighted material is unlawful without paying for it; torrent is on such unlawful way to acquire the video that you are looking for. Jio Rockers is one of those kinds of websites. There is no doubt with the present condition of the whole wide world with people on now lock in their homes they will look for ways to keep themselves entertained. Jio Rockers will help such people find brilliant movies and TV shows for low prices at all. 

What is Jio Rockers? 

Jio Rockers

As you have understood by now, jio Rockers is a torrent website from where you can download movies TV shows, web series, without having to pay a single Paisa for it. When such an opportunity is available to people, they happily use it. That is why you will find that millions of people in the world are found using Torrent to download the content they are looking for. The popularity of using torrent is increasing every day, and new websites are coming off to cater to the specific needs of people. jio Rockers is a torrent website made especially for the Indian Population who enjoy movies from South India, especially in the Telugu Tamil Kannada and Malayalam languages. Thousands of movies hit the theatres, and many of them do not. 

Everyone can’t take the time out of their busy lives to go to the movie theatre buy tickets and enjoy these movies, nor do they want to spend money on subscriptions on websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, et cetera. These people turn to torrents to get the file that you are there looking for, and jio Rockers will help them get these movies in their preferred vernacular language. Jio rockers are obviously an illegal website and are banned by the government of India what can be accessed with the use of a VPN and the help of ad blockers. This website does not need you to register to them to access the files that you are looking for; it is effortless to use. Movies in HD quality are available for you to download without any hassle. Get movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam without any hassle. There also dubbed movies available and you can also download movies in dual audio formats.  

Website Features 

Just like any other Torrent website, Jio Rockers will have certain common features like you do not need to register to this website to download the movies that you are seeking. You also would have a search bar in which you can type the movie that you are looking for; there are also several categories and filters that you can use to find the content of your choice. The website has a very user-friendly and simple design show that any person who is new to the world of Torrent can access the website without any hassle. There will be many links to the same movie depending upon the quality of the video as well as the audio file. Other than these common features, there are some unique features to this website as well; all the latest movies are listed on the homepage of this website. This way, you can stay up with the times. Of course, on this website, you will find a vast collection of movies. Movies will be divided into several categories depending upon the genre of the movies, the date of release and how popular they are, there are also other options for you to choose from making your work easier. The website will also have the option for you to send the name of the movie that you are not looking for as it is available on the website to the developers to request them to share the movie’s link on the website. 

Categories of movies in Jio Rockers

There are several categories of movies available on jio rockers. Just as you open the website, you will find them. It is a neat way to find the movie that you are looking for without having any problem. These categories will let you access the exact kind of content that you are searching for as there are thousands of titles available on this website. Some of these main categories of movies that you will find on jio Rockers are as follows:

  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Kannada movies
  • A to Z movies
  • Trending movies
  • Recently released movies
  • TV shows
  • Cartoon

Top 12 Best Alternatives for Jio Rockers Tamil & Telugu in 2021

It is a brilliant alternative to jio Rockers. These websites brilliant, and if you like jio Rockers, you will enjoy the ones listed below. There are many more pirated movies catering to Indian masses as well, but these are some of the best of the lot. 

1. Tamilgun:

As the name suggests, you are going to get brilliant Tamil movies in HD quality other than those movies in Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada are also available. If you want, you can also download Hindi movies from this website. Other than that, you will be surprised to find all the latest English movies in HD quality as well as TV series. You will also find Netflix originals as well as original content from Amazon prime available on this website. Which so many wide ranges of content available, you will be spoilt for choice.

2. 9xrockers:

This is one of the most popular pirated websites in India. You will find not only new content available on this website but also the old ones that you enjoyed watching growing up. There is plenty of content available on this website for people of all ages. You will get all the cartoons that you want for your children and also good movies for the elders of the family. Get movies in your preferred languages from 9xrockers without any hassle.

3. Dvdrockers:

If you are looking for a website that has very similar features to jio Rockers, then DVD Rockers is perfect for your taste. This brilliant pirated Torrent downloading website is perfect for movie lovers as it has a vast library of movies. Get movies from South India dubbed in Hindi if you are not well versed with the language but enjoy their content. No matter what you are looking for, it will be available on this website. There categories that you can Cruise through to get the movies that you are looking for from DVD rockers.

4. Demonoid:

This website is more popular for hosting amazing English content on the page. The website has a brilliant cool design and will appeal to the audience. There are many movies of different genres that you can explore. The movies are all available alphabetically, but you can use the different filters to make your search options more precise. If you are looking for a website that has a versatile content range, then it will be perfect for you, and you can also get your fair share of South Indian movies in the best quality possible.

5. 123movies:

123 movies is a very well popular Torrent website of India, and its growing popularity is because it has a very wide range of movies that everyone can enjoy all over India. No matter what reason you are from, you will find something from your reference on the website. You can also download the mobile application of 123 movies and happily use all the features of the website on the brilliant app.

6. Bmovies:

It is a fairly new torrent downloading website and, any person who loves jio rockers should go to this website should go. Check it out as it is a brilliant alternative to it; even though it is new; it is gaining quite the fan following with its brilliant web design and content. There is just one problem with this website as it is new you may find there are thousands of pop-ups on this website some of them leading to pornography websites which can be quite a problematic situation which you would have to navigate through.

7. Moviesrulez:

just like the other website given on this list movierulez will let you download thousands of movies without having to pay a single penny for it. It is a good option for people who enjoy watching movies from all around the world. You will find not only generic content that is mostly listed in all of the websites presented on this list but also International movies that are very hard to find.

8. HDmp4mania:

If you like to enjoy your movies in the best quality possible, then HDmp4mania is the movie website that you should visit. You can also enjoy movies from it online without having to download the content. This way, even if you have less space on your device, you can still what is the movie of your choice, making it one of the most popular Torrent websites available online.

9. Filmywap:

If you have been downloading Torrent for a long time, you must have come across filmywap as it is a brilliant Torrent downloading website specially built for the Indian population. Indians love this website as it has all the right content that anybody would desire.

10. Tamilyogi:

Another brilliant design website for South Indian languages is tamilyogi. Do not judge the website by justice name as it does not only contain Tamil movies. You can get movies from different languages and different genres so it can be the.

11. Moviemad

This is a website that provides people with the latest releases, allowing them to stream and download their favourite contents for free in HD resolution. Watching movies from this site the cheapest source of one’s entertainment and the best part about this site is that all the trending movies are uploaded within a few days of their official release.  Not only do you get south Indian and Hollywood and Bollywood films, but also dubbed versions of several original ones. Downloading movies from this site is easy. With just one click, you can download your favourite web series, movies, documentaries, short films, tv shows, trailers, and everything. 

12. 123mkv

One of the most user-friendly movies providing sites on the internet is 123mkv. This site gives a tough competition to the other alternatives of Dvdwap, with its highly diversified movie contents, that range across every genre, language, culture, theme, and era. People are very comfortable using this site because of its well-designed and simple home page. It’s very easy to find out your desired content from the list of categories the site provides you with. Neither do you need to register yourself or give your card details. The site also doesn’t ask for subscription charges for accessing its services. 

Faqs About Jio Rockers

1. Is Jio Rockers Safe To Use? 

Jio Rockers is a pirated movie downloading website. You can download Torrent file, and like any other Torrent website, yes, it is safe, but there are some issues regarding how safe it is as the government bans it. The website itself is saved, but there are certain popups on this website that can contain a lot of cache and cookies which, when downloaded on your device, can cause some problems. 

2. Will You Be Able To Find HD Movies On Jio Rockers?

Yes, you can download HD movies from jio Rockers other than that you can also download movies in different qualities like 720p, 1080p, 420p, etc. 

3. Do You Need A VPN To Download Movies From Jio Rockers? 

The government bans jio Rockers Torrent website, and most of the time, you will find that it’s available domain address. To access a website, you need of VPN that will hide your IP address from the government as well as hackers. This will let you access the website. You may also download an ad blocker to avoid those irritating pop-ups from making your experience with the website smoother. 

4. Movies Of What Languages Are Available On This Website? 

Jio rockers movie song different languages of south India like Tamil Telugu Kannada as well as Malayalam. There and also Hindi movies available on this website. 

Disclaimer About Using Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers being a torrent downloading website is hosting pirated content, which is illegal. Downloading pirated content from the internet is unlawful, and we are not endorsing such behavior. This article has been written to make people aware of the availability of such web sites on the web. It is no way suggesting people practice such behavior. There are many legal websites that a person can go through to get the content they are looking for, as it is unlawful to download torrents. Copyright infringement is punishable by law is caught. One must never download, distribute, or copy search videos of files. 

Other than this, one can also fall into the problem of being vulnerable to hackers. Even though these kinds of websites are generally deemed to be very safe, one ever knows the kind of cookies and cache that you download when opening on such a website. The popup also pretty dangerous, and some of them even look like the link that will let you download the torrent. If you, by mistake, click on these popups, you will redirect to another website, which is very harmful to your device. Sometimes multiple files that downloaded with the Torrent link, which are malware, and even though you are confident in your antivirus software, sometimes they work. Always technology is improving and giving us its benefits that are also negatives that are cropping alongside them. Be aware of these cons of downloading files from Torrent, and please note that we are not endorsing such behavior.  


As you understood by now, jio Rockers is a brilliant Torrent downloading website, and like any other Torrent website, it is illegal to use. There are many legal websites that you can download your movies from as it is safer, and you will not have any problem. Jio Rockers is perfect for movie lovers who do not want to pay any money and want to enjoy South Indian movies. If you are a torrent lover and enjoy movies, you will surely like jio rockers. It is the hassle-free website, and the website has been designed in such a way that even the most technologically challenged person will have no problem with it. Jio Rockers will surely be able to make a name for itself in the world of Torrent website as its popularity is increasing, going to the fact that the developers of this website continue to add to the already vast library of movies. 


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