Its Not Greed, Its Little Investment With Great Profits

By | February 21, 2022

Desire, ambition, self-interest, selfishness, these and many other terms are associated with GREED and this in turn is compared with SALT WATER, because more YOU DRINK IT, more THIRSTY WE ARE, despite being one of the most negative emotions that our brain has, if it is used correctly, unique and unimaginable results can be obtained.

If we take THAT EXCESSIVE Eagerness FOR WEALTH and turn it into the controllable desire to possess good things, not only money or wealth but also financial stability that allows us to benefit our social environment such as: our FAMILY or our COMMUNITY as opposed to just focusing In our own interest and let’s see the social interest, without selfishness, managing to satisfy our needs in an intelligent, timely and constant way and of all those who can benefit, it is there where we will allow us to achieve a balance between financial comfort, smart investments and global benefit. You can click on the bitcoin up to learn more about bitcoin trading.

In the world of digital investments such as the crypto currency market, an index called: “Index of Fear and Greed” arises, which is a parameter that shows us the desire to buy BTC (Bitcoin), therefore, indicates where the crypto market is most likely to go, a tool that seems to have come out of some magical tale and with which we want to measure all our fears and levels of greed in the face of certain situations that we live in our day to day and is even more incredible that it was created to predict the price behavior of bitcoin quite reliably. WHAT A CURIOUS FACT?

That is why when starting to invest in these types of markets, emotions should be put on the table and coldly establish investment plans, amounts to invest, time lapses to see the return on said investment, all this with the main objective of making the most successful investments in such a volatile market where the upward and downward trends can vary EXPLOSIVELY.

Volatility, Market moment / volume, Social networks, Surveys, Bitcoin dominance, Trends and many more aspects play a fundamental part in the process of capitalization of the BTC market and the total capitalization of the rest of the crypto currencies. It is surprising how over time BTC continues to demonstrate CREDIBILITY in the world of crypto currencies, including finance in general.

I know that we all wish to have a crystal ball to be able to predict the fluctuations that will occur in the crypto currency market and that of course we always benefit, we must also be REALISTIC, smart investments require analysis and search for information that allows us to channel the relevant aspects that are involved in a certain moment of the market, leaving aside fanaticism and illusory thinking.

NO, WE WILL NOT GET RICH OVERNIGHT TO MORNING, everything takes a process, which must be studied, fundamental analysis is widely used for the analysis of productive businesses, in this case BTC IS OUR PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS. Income, assets, and the market price are the variables to consider when considering the supply and demand of crypto.

“YOU MUST ADOPT A BALANCED APPROACH WHEN INVESTING”, according to Scott Melker, indicates that he is an investor who does trading and among his suggestions it is worth noting that he prefers to have at least 60% to 70% of his assets in investments to long term, 15% in cash and 15% to negotiate, INTELLIGENT RIGHT?

Do not risk all the assets to obtain profits little by little, they will surely generate an explosion that will convert that capital that at the beginning seemed to be so small and that in the long term not so far will be the largest profit that we could have obtained in any other types of investments.

Sometimes we are afraid to invest, but, inadvertently, all we do in our lives is invest, from buying a car with the money saved from so many years and with which we can run the risk of losing it in just an instant, is the The same risk that is run when investing in the cryptocurrency market, ONLY THE BEST MANAGEMENT OF OUR ASSETS IS WHAT WILL GIVE US A GREATEST PROFIT.

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