How to Use Content and Email Marketing Together to Grow Your Business

By | June 15, 2022

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First of all, we begin by defining these two concepts.

Email marketing is first and foremost a customer service strategy that starts with acquisition and focuses on repeat purchases and building lasting relationships. It is the communication of a business with a subscriber or customer via email for the purpose of building relationships or sales.

It is suitable for any type of business but will differ in strategy and set of triggers (automated emails). 

Writing emails may seem familiar to college essays in which some students skipped and asked to write my essay cheap. Email marketing has nothing similar to spam. This is a comprehensive strategy, not a mass mailing of commercial emails. 

Content marketing is the promotion of goods and services by creating and distributing interesting and useful content. Content marketing is based on the idea of making content that will be in demand, interesting to the target audience, and at the same time change the pattern of its behavior. Specialists from claim that task is to engage, retain and ultimately convert this or that user into a client.

What is the right email marketing for your business?

A well-thought-out email marketing strategy based on the right content can achieve many different long term and short-term goals. 

  1. Increasing brand awareness. Email marketing is a great opportunity to remind customers about your brand. Remember, promotional campaigns alone won’t help you create the right brand image in the minds of customers, so pair your sales emails with educational content.
  2. Increasing sales. If your brand is trustworthy, your customers will have to make a long decision to buy from email newsletters. You can inform subscribers about upcoming sales, hot deals, and provide them with personalized offers.
  3. Traffic increases. It doesn’t take too much to achieve this goal. Each email has links to specific pages on the site, so if you can create an attractive subject line and a relevant offer, customers will follow the links. Thus, you can either increase traffic to popular pages, or promote those that do not receive enough traffic yet.
  4. Shortening the buying cycle. If you’re selling services or complex products, it takes your potential customers much longer to make a purchasing decision. Email newsletters help to gradually solve this problem. You can share a step-by-step guide, helpful checklist, and how-to video to help customers clearly see the benefits of using your product.
  5. Automation of routine tasks. Trigger and transactional mailings will help you with this task. With their help, you can automatically send emails in response to the actions of your customers. Such mailings include the following: registration confirmation letter, welcome series, abandoned cart letter, order confirmation, reactivation letters. Thus, you will reduce costs and be able to concentrate on more important tasks.

Development and implementation of a strategy for marketing by email

The structure of the content strategy consists of 4 four stages: analysis of the current situation, creation of a road map, implementation of the plan and evaluation of performance. Let’s imagine you have a company that helps students with essays and you need to trigger on ‘pay me to do your homework reviews’. So, this way you will attract young readers and future clients to your website. But for different situations and companies these 3 steps will be the same. 


The primary step is to create a list of content promotion channels. You need to use those Internet resources that are best suited for a particular brand. Besides, you need to decide on the type of content – articles and audio, video and infographics. If you use all of them at once it is a mistake.

The second step includes analyzing the activities of competitors. To do this, you need to accurately determine their ways of interacting with the audience. Namely, what format of information presentation suits them best. Such an analysis will allow you to choose the best and most effective options.

The third step says that you need to find out which consumer the company is targeting. This is how you will get a collective image of your clients. They are segmented by gender, age, occupation, income level, marital status, hobbies and hobbies. The information determines the specific groups for which the content will be prepared. If you try to cover everyone without exception, then this will not give the desired effect when promoting the product.

Creation of a roadmap

The purpose of the stage is to create a style of communication with potential customers and determine the message. On this basis, a content plan is written, which includes the main points of the psychological portrait of the consumer and his interests. To expand content topics, you need to create a collective image of your target audience. To do this, it is necessary to study their interests.

Execution of the plan

A group of specialists is formed to implement the content strategy. They are assigned tasks and brought to the attention of the criteria for the effectiveness of promotion.

Performance evaluation

Evaluation of the effectiveness of content marketing is based on the achievement of goals. They include site traffic, citation in the media, measurement in search engines, coverage in social networks, etc. 

The bottom line

You can always learn the basics of email marketing on your own and develop the direction step by step. There are also faster ways: hire a specialist on staff or contact an email marketing agency.

We hope this article has helped you understand how content and email marketing are closely related, as well as how they can benefit your business.


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