How to Stay Safe When Downloading Songs Online

By | May 4, 2022

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Music improves every aspect of our life, from long drives to long queues to grocery shopping, so learn how to get it safely.

 How to Stay Safe When Downloading  Songs Online? 

Back then, people listen to music using the radio. And to be exact, it was at the end of World War I when people started buying it for personal use. Radio was not only for listening to music but also to relay the news to the people. And even before, it was a helpful tool in hand. 

Today we stream music on our portable devices, and it’s much more convenient because we can play music without even disturbing others using headphones, earbuds, or headsets. Music not only lifts our spirits, but it also serves as a constant companion on all of our journeys. Undoubtedly, our life and the whole human race would be drastically different if music did not exist.

You can stream music either using a subscription-based music player or a built-in music player on Android or iOS devices these days, thanks to technology. Subscription-based music players from the name itself are accessible if you pay for the monthly or annual fees that they require. Although subscribing to one gives you access to all of the music in the world, it’s a bit unnecessary and may cause your expenses to mount up.

On the other hand, the built-in music players are cost-free since it was already included with your device’s operating system; however, you must be the one to download the music files. We can’t deny that it’s exhausting, but on the brighter side, at least you can choose and create playlists of all of your favorite songs. And if you chose the latter option, the only question circling in your head at the moment is how to get the music files to save on your device.

The only way to get those free music is to download it from the world wide web. In addition, there are plenty of sites out there offering you to download music or convert music on different file types, yet not all of them are free. Some may even ask you to pay in order to download the file. Luckily, Mp3Juice is not one of them. Mp3juice is a freemium site which means it offers both premium and freeware services. Their premium services will let you download hours long of music tracks, while freeware services are only 30-minutes long. 

The good thing about these two services is that it doesn’t display advertisements that appear out of nowhere or are bannered on the homepage. Mp3juice also has an immeasurable selection of music which you can choose. You can download all the music you want for free, but you must follow their guidelines. Moreover, it values every user on the site, which means they will only provide you with excellent service.

Now that you know the basics, here are some tips to keep you safe from viruses when downloading your favorite tracks.

1. To detect malware, run a full scan before and after downloading the music file.

Once you’ve acquired a credible antivirus program, run a single full scan on your device prior to youtube downloading or after. A thorough system search will uncover, contain, and wipe every malware it encounters on your device, including spyware, rootkits, and trojans which can go undetected.

Remember to run the entire software search until it’s ended. If you discover malware on the list of infected files, do not discontinue the searching. It’s hard to determine what other copies exist on your device.

Considering your antivirus program needs to review every file and application on your device, a thorough inspection could take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. Your antivirus program will alert you when searching for malware is over. And all the malware that was found will then be contained.

2. Discard all stuff that contains malware.

Once the malware has been found and contained, a prompt to wipe all files that contain malware will show up. Some people typically search through all those files prior to hitting the “Delete” function to guarantee the claims.

Then when you’ve removed any contained files from your device, reboot your device. Initiate a second entire system inspection after you’ve done rebooting your device to ensure your antivirus program has eliminated all malware traces. There seems to be a probability this can’t really take as long as the first scanning did.

3. Take precautions from malware attacks by consistently running an antivirus program.

On a daily basis, newly released malware circles around the online world to make people unintentionally download malicious software. There’s also the possibility of exposure to Wi-Fi hacker assaults, data leakage, and breach of digital privacy. It is why to make it a habit to run a  full scan every now and then.