How to Promote Your Football Tournament on social media

By | February 28, 2022

Are you organizing a football tournament and want it all jam-packed with attendees? Then, the best way is to promote it both offline and online. While you can distribute posters and flyers in various colleges for offline promotion, online promotion requires different, creative, and effective promotional activities. These days, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are a great way to inform youth about your offerings, events, and services. So, if you are thinking about how to promote your football tournament on social media, read this article carefully. We have some effective free tools and strategies to promote your sports event online. Let’s see how.

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Football Tournament Online

1) Create an Event Page on all Social Media Platforms

The first thing to make your tournament visible online is to create an event page on all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Creating a page won’t take much time. You can fill in all your event-related details, participation criteria, website link, etc., on that page. 

Once created, invite your friends and followers to like that page to get all the crucial information about your tournament. You can also promote your event through paid ads on these platforms for a better reach.

2) Create Catchy Graphics and Videos to Post on these Pages

An event page is only useful when you post attractive and engaging content on it related to your tournament. You can promote your event on your event pages through vibrant contest posters, BTS videos, teaser videos, etc.

If you don’t have much time or a professional graphic designer to create all this content, you can use an online graphic designing tool called PosterMyWall for the same. It is an excellent designing tool used by marketers, designers, etc., to create social media content, flyers, posters, videos, etc. 

PosterMyWall has plenty of Football Flyer templates available online that you can customize as per your needs and download for the promotion. You can also use this tool to create your event’s teaser videos. You can use your own images to customize the templates or use the premium ones provided by the tool by paying a small fee.

3) Create a Catchy Hashtag and Promote it via Influencers

For platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags play a crucial role. So, to promote your football tournament on such platforms, come up with a catchy and relevant hashtag. Use this hashtag in all your posts. Ask your team members and friends to use that hashtag as much as possible for better reach and visibility. 

You can also collaborate with sports influencers who are ready to promote your tournament on their profiles using that hashtag. The more people will use your event’s hashtag, the more visibility and attention your tournament will get.

4) Create Contests to Giveaway Merchandise and Tournament Tickets

Everyone loves free tournament tickets and cool sports merchandise. So, create an exciting and fun contest for people to participate using some rules. These rules can be about promoting your tournament on their profiles or inviting their friends to like your page or anything related to your tournament somehow. Promote this contest on all your social media pages so more and more people can participate in it. The lucky winners can get free tournament tickets and some cool merchandise as a winning prize. Some exciting merchandise you can give away as a prize can be:

  • Water Bottles
  • Tshirts
  • Sports Gears
  • Fitness Bands, etc.

This way, more people will get to know about your event, and you will get a potential audience who might be interested in attending your tournament. You can also give an early bird discount to some people to sell more event tickets online.

5) Use Online Ticketing Platforms to Sell Tournament Tickets

In this digital era, people want to do everything online, even if it is buying tournament tickets. You can take advantage of online ticketing platforms to sell your tournament tickets in a hassle-free and convenient way. The best thing about these platforms is that they already have loyal audiences. So, when you sell tickets on such platforms, you can tap into their dedicated audience to promote your event. Another benefit of these platforms is that you can sell your tournament tickets in less time and resources.

Some of the reliable online ticketing platforms to sell your tournament tickets are:

  • Billetto
  • Eventbrite
  • Insider.In
  • Townscript
  • Paytm
  • BookMyShow

These platforms charge a small convenience fee on every ticket you sell but can serve you a broad audience to promote and sell your tournament tickets. Whichever site you use for marketing and selling your event tickets, don’t forget to mention its link on all your promotional materials offline and online, so more and more people can buy from there.

Final Words

Knowing the online promotion strategies is one thing, but applying them creatively is different. So, don’t forget to do your research first and add your creativity to it while promoting your event on social media. The audience always connects with fun and engaging content. So take advantage of memes, reels, trending audios, trends, challenges, etc., to reach a large audience.

You can use our recommended tool, PosterMyWall, for all kinds of video and graphics creation to save your time and efforts. For any other queries related to marketing or this topic, connect with us in the comments!


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