How to Gain Instagram Engagement with Stories in 2022

By | February 17, 2022

It really appears that people simply cannot get enough of Instagram stories! As per certain statistics as much as 500 million users on Instagram update their stories on a daily basis without fail. We can easily assume that the number has gone up by now. Moreover, stories are as important for brands and companies as they are for individual influencers. Clearly, there is a lot of Engagement to gain from Instagram stories- if we make the right moves. 

However, in case you don’t already have a large audience that will view your Instagram stories- then it might be a great idea to buy Instagram followers. On the other hand, Instagram stories have become so versatile and savvy that it has become very difficult to compete within this realm. It takes careful strategizing to drive engagement through stories. In fact, you might even have to rely on the best place to gain Instagram followers from to drive initial traffic. 

Here are some other points you can keep in mind-

1. Tags

Obviously, hashtags are commonly seen across Instagram stories for people to drive in traffic. Eventually, this leads to engagement in the form of buying Instagram views from However, unlike posts- the number of hashtags on Instagram stories should be kept to a maximum 2. Better still, to appear authentic- you should hide these hashtags under a sticker. At the same time, there is a direct hashtag sticker feature that you are allowed to use ONLY ONCE. Another important tag that you can use to attract people is the location tag. This is also highly effective, especially for lifestyle and travel bloggers. Instagram also provides a location tag sticker for better effect!

2. Initiate Engagement

This is one point that we often highlight in our articles. Stories are a direct way for you to impel people to get into a conversation with you. There are various story formats that can be used to get organic reactions from people. There are stickers that allow you to take polls, conduct quizzes, and even rate stories through the ‘slider’ sticker. Moreover, there is this amazing group chat sticker that you can put onto your story and get requests from people who would like to discuss the posted topic with you. The requests you accept will move on to your DMs and you can have a great conversation there! Another favorite of ours is the Question sticker which is known to generate massive engagement.

3. Collaborate and get Mentions

Your Instagram game can really improve if you are able to network with the right people. Collaborations are no longer dependent on Instagram posts alone. Instagram stories can also be a great way to collaborate with other brands and influencers. The best part about collaborative stories is that you are always tagged and mentioned in other people’s accounts. Consequently, people will be directed to your account as well and get to view your content. This will lead to an eventual increase in the amount of interaction you are able to get. 

4. Go Live 

The Live feed feature on Instagram is an immense opportunity to let people know who you really are. But in order for this to succeed, there are certain requirements you must meet. The live that you host should have an adequate number of viewers. This directly represents how popular you are among your followers and encourages more people to join the interaction. Moreover, do not go live without a proper format in mind. Always have a plan and a script to your live and always make sure you are sharing something of value with your audience. This is also important to keep people interested throughout and reduce the drop rates which could reflect negatively on your account.

5. Be Consistent

The best part about Instagram stories is that they are not as easily lost in the crowd as Instagram posts. The person with the latest Instagram story will appear first on the followers’ account and stay there for a long time. Hence, you have a much higher chance of getting recognized here than anywhere else. At the same time, you should consider having a rough plan for your stories- at least the schedule and the posting time. Ideally, you should be posting a story once every 24 hours with maximum incentives for your audience to interact. 


With Instagram diversifying its content range every day- there are many features you can use to your advantage. Instagram stories have become extremely popular and some of the highest viewed content on Instagram. Therefore, learning the right strategies to generate engagement through them has become increasingly important. As you keep the above tips in mind, make sure you do your own research. Or else you can stay tuned as we keep updating more information.