How to Change Page Size in PDF on Windows and Mac

By | October 10, 2022

Undoubtedly, PDF has already become the most commonly used document format due to its security and convenience. Especially in the face of the global epidemic situation, most companies are using a dual-line mode for staff to work at home and office. This reduces the odd to contact people and, in turn, increases the chance of transmitting documents by mail. This comes with the problem of editing and modifying PDF files. If the page size of your PDF does not meet the accepted user requirements, you may have to change it before sending it to others. Fortunately, PDF editing is not as difficult as it used to be. There are several PDF editing tools on the market for users to choose from.

However, if you want to find a free tool with no output limit to help you solve the problem of how to change page size in PDF, it can still be troublesome. It’s a good thing you found this article. Here we will guide you through all the details on the tools and methods to get the job done on Windows and Mac. An alternative way to change the PDF page size online is also included. Take a look.

In this article, you will find out:

  • How to Change Page Size in PDF on Windows
  • WorkinTool PDF Converter
  • How to Change PDF Page Size on Mac
  • Mac Preview
  • Bonus: An Alternative to Change Page Size Online
  • Bottom Line

How to Change Page Size in PDF on Windows:

As we said earlier, it’s not that hard to find a PDF editing tool on the market right now. You have to Google it, and there are tons of them waiting for you to find out. But the real problem is finding a PDF editor that is FREE and practical at the same time. The current top PDF editors are either professional but expensive like Adobe or offer a free but limited service. For example, you might get an output file with a compulsory watermark. To save your valuable time, we recommend you try a third-party PDF editing software directly: WorkinTool PDF Converter.

1)   WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter is a very professional PDF editing software. Although it is a third-party PDF application, the comprehensive features and user-friendly interface experience have brought people the best experience. More importantly, users can use all the features without any limit, and that is why we want to recommend this software. You will be able to see all the features that Adobe has in this software. Besides the PDF editing feature, WorkinTool PDF Converter is also equipped with many other practical tools. All PDF-related functions are made to ensure PDF quality and meet user needs simultaneously. It is the same with the PDF page size management feature as well.

Feature in Use

When you open this PDF freeware for the first time, you will see three sections on the main home page that WorkinTool provides: Convert to/fromTool Box, and View & Edit. And the wanted PDF Edit feature is suitable in the View & Edit.

Feature in Use

  • Download and launch WorkinTool PDF Converter.
  • Click View & Edit > PDF Edit.
  • Select or drop your PDF file into the viewing box.

PDF Edit

  • Select the Document Crop option on the right side of the top banner.
  • Then you need to manually crop the page out. Use the cropping tool to cover the page size you want to leave.
  • Finally, after covering the page, you can select if you only want to crop the current page, or apply the page size to all other pages. It is your decision to make.

How to Change PDF Page Size on Mac:

If you are using a Mac instead of a Windows system computer to edit your PDF, then there is a much easier way to help you deal with the issue of how to change page size in PDF. You can use the built-in Preview application tool to edit your PDF. Preview is a very convenient application to help users view PDFs and images for free. It comes with a Mac computer and doesn’t require users to download it. Moreover, except for the PDF viewing feature, it also supports users to make a few changes, such as cropping, resizing, and making special marks.

2)   Mac Preview

Generally, if you open a PDF file on a Mac screen, it will be opened in the original document page size. That being said, there is no chance it will appear as one size on screen or another when printed. The user can change this situation by changing the settings. You can also modify the size of the print and the size of the viewing.

Mac Preview

  • First, use Preview application to open your target PDF file.
  • Click Print in the File drop-down menu, and go to the Print Preview section.
  • Then you can change the basic PDF page settings, such as the page size, selections, orientation.
  • When you have edited it the page size you want, save it right back to your computer.

Bonus: An Alternative to Change Page Size Online

In addition to using desktop software products, if you Google it, you will also find some online tools to help users solve the problem of how to change page size in PDF. Online website tools are indeed very convenient and fast. You don’t need to download any software. You can open a browser and edit a PDF randomly as long as you have the Internet. But security is a big issue for online products. And you won’t know the limits until you use it. It is another thing you might waste your time on it. That is why we want to recommend: WorkinTool PDF editor online.

WorkinTool PDF editor online

Online editing is totally FREE to use, and there is no need to worry about any input or output limits. The truth is, after you open it and put your file into the editing tool, you will find out the interface is exactly the same as the desktop. It is user-friendly and suitable for all ages of users.

  • First, open WorkinTool PDF Editor Online and input your PDF file.
  • Select the Document Crop option on the right side of the top banner.
  • Then, manually crop the page out. Cover the content page with this cropping tool.
  • Set if you want to apply the page size to all the other pages.
  • Lastly, export this edited PDF document to your local computer.

Bottom Line

Here, with all the time and effort we spend on the three free methods on how to change page size in PDF on Windows and Mac, we hope that after reading this post, you will find at least one solution that works for you. We promise all the methods are totally free to use and 100%  available to use. You can pick one that suits you best. You won’t be disappointed, my word.


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