How FTX Can Benefit Beginner and Advanced Crypto Traders

By | October 30, 2022

FTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform that offers many benefits. It’s easy to use and has several functionalities that make it an ideal platform for beginners and advanced traders. This article will take you through a few ways FTX can help you navigate the crypto markets and make more informed decisions about your investments.

Low Trading Fees

FTX has a very low fee structure. The fees are transparent and competitive, as well as fair and equitable. FTX has no fees for withdrawing or deposits and a maximum maker fee of .02%. FTX also offers additional fee discounts for those stakeholders with investments in the FTX Token. FTT is the backbone of the FTX ecosystem, so to entice investors to participate in this token and the platform, FTX offers competitive discounts, airdrops, event access, and much more to those with a stake in the ecosystem.

Benefits for FTX Token Stakeholders

One of the most important benefits of being an FTX token stakeholder is that you will be able to receive dividends. As a token holder, you will receive a portion of the profits generated by the exchange and competitive fee discounts for your trades.

As an FTT stakeholder, you can also access the FTT DAO. DAOs are a way to organize digital communities in a decentralized manner. DAOs are communities governed through sets of code and smart contracts rather than by individuals or a board. FTT stakeholders can join the DAO and vote on the group’s actions and any investments the group may make together. By entering the DAO, you can get a say in the future of the crypto projects in which you’re a stakeholder.

Extensive Crypto Knowledge Base

The FTX knowledge base is an excellent resource for learning about crypto. It’s constantly updated and expanded, available in multiple languages, and includes searchable indexes, forums, and recommended reading lists.

The FTX knowledge base covers everything from buying cryptocurrency on exchanges to understanding why market movements happen—and how you can use that information to decide when (or if) to buy or sell. FTX can also teach you about new cryptocurrencies you may have never heard of and how to trade these, such as AVAX USD, SOL USD, and many more pairs. You can also learn about advanced crypto indicators that you can apply to your portfolio through the FTX platform or app.

Futures Options

Futures options are derivative contract that gives you the right to buy or sell an underlying security at a predetermined price on or before a specific date.

So what’s the difference between a future and an option? A future is when you buy or sell an asset at a specified price. For example, if you agree to sell a friend your Tesla Model S for $100K tomorrow, you have entered into a future contract with them today for that car delivery. The buyer must purchase the car from you tomorrow (fulfillment of both parties’ obligation) at $100K regardless of what happens between now and then: whether they earn more money or loses their job, whether gas prices rise or fall, etc. The buyer has no choice but to wait until tomorrow before they can fulfill their side of the contract. FTX allows traders access to futures trading, and their powerful liquidity engine allows for leveraged trading while minimizing socialized losses for the platform.

The FTX App

The FTX App is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s the first crypto trading app to include a built-in knowledge base, simulator, and news feed. With new traders, tokens, and updates happening daily in the crypto world, having a convenient and accessible mobile option for managing your crypto assets is essential. The FTX app is integrated across multiple exchanges so that you can access and manage all of your investments through a single platform. The app also offers customizable notifications and indicators to help you stay up to date on the latest chart patterns and industry trends.

As you can see, there are many ways that the FTX platform can benefit both beginner and advanced cryptocurrency traders. Its simplicity and flexibility make it an excellent tool for trading cryptocurrencies and diversifying your digital portfolio. 


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