How Can New Affiliate Marketers Leverage The Power Of Video Content To Grow Their Business

By | November 16, 2022

The idea of affiliate marketing for brands is by no means new. Affiliates now have an entirely new level of authority due to the rapid rise of social media and the emergence of online platforms as virtual societies.

It’s not only about a famous person “endorsing” your product in a commercial anymore. Everything from paid social to referral links to promo codes can be included in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It?

A partnership between the affiliate and the brand can be viewed as affiliate marketing. As was already noted, the affiliate could be a social media influencer, but it could also be a client or a blogger. An affiliate is essentially someone who advertises your business or brand in exchange for a commission.

Some affiliates will be paid a set rate for their marketing efforts in addition to the commission, while others might only be paid when a successful recommendation is made. In either case, the affiliate benefits financially from the relationship, while the brand gains new clients and recommendations from a reputable source. The relationship between the Kardashian family and the brand Sugar Bear Hair is a prime example of effective affiliate marketing.

Almost the whole Kardashian family has been employed by the vitamin company Sugar Bear Hair to endorse their goods at various points. With a combined following of more than 1 billion, the Kardashians also made some money while bringing in a sizable viewership and probably a tonne of leads.

This illustrates affiliate marketing using celebrities or influencers, but smaller-scale creators can also use affiliate marketing. They might even be the company’s clients. Customers are rewarded with benefits or a small pay for endorsing a brand they already use, appreciate, and trust. In addition to receiving additional marketing, this can aid in fostering ties between the company and its consumers.

You will distinguish yourself from other marketing organizations that are outdated and still provide conventional marketing services by adding video marketing to your list of services. Affiliate marketing is always changing, and the emergence of social media platforms has given it a completely new face. It used to be limited to endorsing other people’s goods via blog posts or email marketing. However, it has now grown to include new platforms for connecting with your target market.

Why Any Marketing Strategy Should Include Video Marketing

Online content accounted for 80% of consumer internet traffic in 2020. With this enormous growth anticipated, brands will want to know how to maximize their video content.

It’s no surprise that your clients will actively seek video marketing as one of their most-needed services in the upcoming couple of years, given that video is another powerful social media marketing tool and can be used by influencers, marketers, to market and educate or build a strong relation with the consumers.

Given the fact that the cost of video creation has now drastically decreased thanks to video editing websites which eliminate the need of a professional for professional looking video content. Make sure you utilize  the tools available to start a new affiliate business. One of the best methods to broaden your audience and promote your brand is still through video content, but how can a new brand make use of this?

Steps to Leverage the Power of Video Content to Grow their Audience

Continue reading to learn our top tactics for rapidly expanding your audience.

Utilize the Effectiveness of Brief Videos

This material is given priority when social media platforms like Instagram develop new features for their users because they want it to be viewed. Because of this, Reels users who create material for Instagram are seeing their content reach a broader audience and expand their fan base.

Therefore, you should think about producing shorter bursts that can be uploaded to these channels if you want to use video.

Videos From Behind the Scenes

Promotional videos made through an online video editor can effectively spread the word about your company and lure clients, but if they are used too frequently, they risk becoming monotonous. So, if you’re a new affiliate, you need to think creatively about how to use video material.

Think about showcasing behind-the-scenes material to your followers so they can see how an affiliate business is developed. You’ll discover that this works quite well if you travel with them.

Make a Series of Webinars.

Have you ever thought about offering a webinar series to share your knowledge? Even if your affiliate business may be in its infancy, your expertise in a different industry may be valuable to your followers.

Longer videos can be just as effective as shorter ones like Reels, but they must add something worthwhile. Your webinars should also be professionally prepared, including an opening, outro, and subtitles.

Cooperate With More Established Artists

Do you feel you invest a lot of time producing video content to find out it doesn’t work out as intended or drive traffic? It could be time to start working with more established creators, such as the businesses with which you are associated or other network affiliates.

By working together, you can take advantage of the potential of video content and use the combined reach of your audiences to change the world.

Send Your Video to the Appropriate Channels.

Finally, you need to make sure that you are pushing video content on the appropriate channels if you want to use it when you are just getting started in affiliate marketing. We advise searching Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for any customer-focused content. Use LinkedIn to create B2B content.

Your video material should also be tailored to each channel, so if you use Instagram, consider publishing to IGTV. The social media platforms you decide to employ to market your content should, however, be pertinent to your company’s overarching business goal, it should be noted. Using TikTok won’t make much sense if you target an older audience because the platform’s viewership is much younger than other platforms.

A company with an older user base would profit from using TikTok to drive new leads through promotional material if your objective is to diversify your social media channels and target new demographics.

Utilizing Videos in Email Campaigns

Email marketing that includes the word “VIDEO” in the subject line tend to receive more opens and clicks than those that don’t. Our inboxes are overflowing with emails. Emails with video receive more interaction as we move toward a more visual society. Success and engagement with your audience follow.

Product Walkthroughs and Demos

The last stage is the hardest element of the sales funnels to convince prospects to commit to. It’s simple to add products to a basket, but for some folks, clicking the “purchase now” button is a step too far.

Because of this, you must improve product landing pages and address any potential objections that customers might have before purchasing if you want your clients to experience sales success.


The most innovative marketers use video throughout the entire marketing funnel and for purposes other than just raising brand awareness. Their purpose is to instruct. They are there to amuse. If you approach video marketing correctly, whether organic or paid, the prospects are unlimited.

You want to reach the proper audience with your brand and message. The great platform of video presents you with many opportunities. One of the best strategies for marketing your business is through video. Think beyond the box, produce authentic content, and engage your audience with a video campaign that generates revenue.


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