Features of QuickBooks Hosting for Legal Firms

By | June 25, 2022

The world is rapidly transitioning to automated accounting with the help of smart tools! QuickBooks is a well-known bookkeeping company developed and managed by Intuit. It has all the basic accounting features and one or two features for different industries. Law firms, like any other traditional sector, should not hesitate to revolutionize their accounting mission. With the right type of software hosting, you can save time and achieve higher accounting accuracy.

One of the trusted names in cloud finance, QuickBooks is the best way to create automated accounting reports. QuickBooks Cloud hosting is a need for time, and this article highlights the features of a law firm.

Features QuickBooks for Legal Firms:

This software is ideal for small and medium-sized law firms. Companies need to adopt new technologies to become part of the technological revolution around the world. It also promotes unprecedented system accounting efficiency!

1. Reporting

This is one of the key features of the software, and every time the version is updated, the report gets smarter. With the help of financial reporting, the company can successfully deal with system anomalies.

It allows you to see the big picture of law firms and business development. The best part of the report is good forecasting and budgeting and improved cash flow. By making the right decisions based on reports, your company can grow successfully.

2. Accelerated Invoicing

Does your law firm produce a large number of invoices? QuickBooks hosting allows you to better manage your invoice flow. Increasing payment flow and invoice generation at law firms help lawyers make better operational decisions. Also, these law firms can easily access their data from anywhere on their citrix remote desktop if they are on some holiday or away from the office without hampering the workflow.

3. Custom User Permission

This is a type of feature designed to give customers and other employees access to areas such as accounts receivable. Suppose your company’s accounts receivable department has four administrative assistants. Each must be granted custom user rights in the accounts receivable area it is responsible for.

4. Cash Flow Management

Manage proper cash flow for law firms by creating invoices and tracking cash flows. Schedule regular payments to save time and effort. One of the concerns of law firms remains inadequate cash flow inside and outside the organization. The best way is to host QuickBooks and take advantage of cash flow management capabilities.

5. 24/7 Technical Support

QuickBooks hosting from your service provider is always there to help. You can easily contact a technical expert to fix any issues related to working with QuickBooks. Get better finance management with 24/7 support from QuickBooks hosting engineers.

6. Time Tracking

Do you have employees in the office? This is the ability to track employee time and see client billable time. It will be automatically added to your invoice! Keeping a time record helps track employee payments on an hourly basis.


If you’re still confused about QuickBooks, have an expert guide you to set up QuickBooks. Hosting QuickBooks with an Intuit Authorized Service Provider such as Apps4rent who are also experts in providing migration services such as Office 365 Email Migration and also offers some benefits to end-users. These benefits include Enjoy automatic updates, regular data backups, automated data entry, remote access, and more.


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