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By | September 24, 2022

The United States offers visas for foreign workers who wish to come to the country for work. The EB 3 visas are one such visa, and it is available to skilled workers, professionals, and other officials. Workers must meet a few requirements to be eligible for this visa, and this article will outline those requirements. After reading this, you will understand the employment visa and whether or not you can avail of it.

The employment-based third preference (EB-3) category is for aliens who are skilled workers, professionals, or other workers. The employee visa is one of the five employment-based immigrant visas available. You may be eligible for an employment-based immigrant visa if you have a degree and have a job offer from an American employer.

Types Of Employee Visas

There are three types of EB 3 visas: skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers.

In the first type, skilled workers have at least two years of training or experience in a specific occupation. The employees must also be capable of showing that they can perform the job in question and that there is a demand for their skills in America.

In the second type, professionals have a bachelor’s degree or foreign offer in a particular field. These professionals must also be capable of showing that they can perform the job in question and that there is a demand for their skills in America.

In the third type, unskilled workers are those with no specific skills or training but are willing to perform any work available.

Who Is Eligible For Third Preference EB-3?

There are three categories of employment-based preferences, also known as EB-3. These include: 

EB-3(A) – Priority Workers: This includes professionals with degrees or workers with exceptional abilities.

EB-3(B) – Skilled Workers: Professionals and other officials. This includes workers with two years of experience, professionals with degrees, and other officials (unskilled laborers) with two years of experience.

EB-3(C) – Immigrant Investors: This includes foreign nationals who invest in a new commercial enterprise in America.

To be eligible for third preference employment-based immigration, an individual must fall into one of the three categories above.

EB-3 Visa Validity

The employee visa is a nonimmigrant one that allows foreign nationals to live in America for two years. This visa is available to those with a job offer from an American employer and meets the requirements for one of the three employment-based immigrant categories: skilled workers, professionals, or unskilled workers.

The employee visa is valid for two years from the date of issuance. After this period, the holder may apply for an extended stay or status change. If the visa holder does not apply for an extension or change of status, they will be required to depart the United States.

There are a few different ways that the employee visa can be availed. The most common way is through employer sponsorship. 

EB-3 Visa Fees

Around five thousand dollars is the fee for an employment visa. This type is for workers and professionals. The U.S. Department of Labor sets the prices for this visa.

The cost of an employment visa can be a barrier for some people who want to come to America to work. However, the fees support the U.S. economy. The money from visa fees goes into different programs that help create jobs in America.

Other types of visas are available for people who want to work in America. For example, the H-1B is another option for skilled workers. It has a higher fee but does not require a labor certification from the Department of Labor.

Final Verdict

An employee visa is an excellent option for those looking to immigrate to America. The process is relatively simple, and the pass itself is very versatile. It allows the holder to live in America indefinitely and provides a path to citizenship. The employment visa is worth looking into if you are considering moving to America.


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