Block Puzzle And Other Online Puzzle Games To Enhance Dopamine Production

By | April 29, 2022

Individuals can indulge in a great activity with their friends or family members by playing online puzzle games. Puzzle games are wildly popular among people of all ages since they are entertaining to play. Puzzle games are played both online as well as offline. According to Wikipedia, puzzle video games owe their origin to the numerous offline brain teasers and puzzles that people have played and liked throughout the years. A significant advantage of online puzzle games is that they help lower stress levels and increase dopamine production in players. This neurotransmitter allows a person to feel pleasure and satisfaction. Currently, there are tons of exciting puzzle games that are readily available online for interested individuals. One of the most loved online puzzle games is Block Puzzle.

Block Puzzle is a fun and addictive block-arranging game in which players need to arrange blocks of distinctive patterns on a 9×9 grid. The main objective of players playing the exciting puzzle game is to clear the maximum number of cells and create space for new blocks. Block Puzzle features numerous additional tweaks and elements, making the game different from the rest of the generic block puzzle games. Players can also opt to play online to compete against other opponents and test their skills. Block Puzzle features a simple-yet-elegant interface, and thus, even new players can navigate through the game’s features without hassle. It is available on both major platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. To download block puzzle game, players need to visit its official website and enter their mobile number to receive the download link via SMS. After receiving the link, the player can conveniently download it by clicking on the link. Once the download is complete, they can register themselves on the application and find the game to start playing. 

Like Block Puzzle, numerous online puzzle games facilitate players to boost their dopamine production and relieve stress. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Hocus

Hocus is one of the most exciting puzzle games that facilitate players to test their creative skills. The objective of the game is straightforward. Players need to reach the marked finish point by carrying a cube, and they need to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even though the objective sounds very plain, the game is exciting and challenging to play. An appealing feature that makes the game stand out from the rest of the puzzle games is that it allows players to create their puzzles. This significantly adds to the players’ user experience.

Furthermore, players can also try to create puzzles created by other users. The game features more than a hundred levels, and hence, players can play the game continuously without any interruptions. The game is straightforward to learn since it does not have many rules or regulations. Players looking to exercise the creative muscles in their brain can conveniently download this free mobile game which is readily available for iOS and Android. 

  • Two Dots

Two Dots revolves around two dots present on the game’s icon. In the game, players need to join the dots and create a connection between them. The moment a player opens Two Dots, the game gives them an acute idea about the primary objective by letting them connect two dots present on the screen. Once the player completes the sample sequence, they proceed to the first level. The exciting puzzle game features tons of exciting levels. Players can connect dots horizontally and vertically and even form a 90-degree angle. However, they cannot join them diagonally. This limitation significantly enhances the excitement of the game since it forces players to come up with creative ways to join complicated dots. The first few levels of the game are easy to cross. However, the difficulty increases as the game progresses. The engaging game is readily available on Android’s Google Play Store and iOS’ App Store.

  • Threes

Threes is a number-based puzzle game that challenges players to test their number-based skills. The player needs to slide tiles to form three and their multiples. The game is immensely user-friendly since it provides beginners with a step-by-side guide on how to play the game. The game’s main objective is to join two tiles to reach a score of 3 and continue the process to reach the required multiple of 3. After making a multiple of three, players need to use their brains to reach the next target. Even though it sounds simple, players need to implement intelligent tactics to play the game. The highly-addictive game is available for both iOS and Android users. By navigating to their platform’s respective app stores, players can download and install the game and begin their gaming journey. 

  • Brain It On

Players looking for a mind-challenging puzzle game that makes them develop creative solutions to progress can download Brain It On on their smartphones. The game features a straightforward interface and functions in the landscape orientation. There are tons of levels available, out of which only the first few ones are unlocked. Players need to clear the initial few levels to unlock the remaining ones. Players need to draw something on the plain canvas to complete a level to execute tasks. As the player progresses by completing levels, the game becomes more difficult. Brain It On is one of the best puzzle games available on iOS and Android, with thousands of players.  

Besides being extremely fun and exciting, playing online puzzle games has numerous advantages. For starters, they facilitate players to exercise both hemispheres of their brain, i.e., the one responsible for analytical and logical thinking and the other controls creativity. They also help in improving the memory and problem-solving skills of players. Hence, players who wish to indulge in online puzzle games can try out the ones mentioned above.