Bitcoin and the Government – [Introduction, Main Task & Many More]

By | February 23, 2022


We can vouch for the fact that even an average dweller of the society is aware of the presence of bitcoin in the market. It is true that Bitcoin has captured the domain of attention of trillions. It has made its impact with the help of establishing itself as one of the most essential refuges, in terms of the digital economy. As residents of a society which has borne the brunt of a pandemic, it only gets difficult to do everything offline. Thus, as we believe, Bitcoin prospered even more. As some notable academicians and economists say, despite all the massive popularity, the Government displays doubts. They also make premonitions which say the Government will go on to do the same. By taking a look at this blog, we can make an idea regarding this popular discourse and the reasons behind it. 

What is the main task of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, which is out of the reach of any centralisation essentially deals with the digital form of economy. It says no to any mediating thing, which causes a harm in the domain of direct relationships. Bitcoin is the financial system that enables people to carry forward online transactions. The wallet which concerns Bitcoin facilitates the process, and further ensures to keep the right record for it. With interventions from the front of Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin aims to create a clear name for itself, with respect to transparency.

Remember What All We Want You To:

  • It may be a mystery for you that even after the extreme popularity of Bitcoin, Governments tend to raise their brows. Now, it must occur to you what could be the possible reason behind this. According to a group of academics, and economists, Bitcoin has all kinds of capabilities to eventually pose a large degree of threat to the existing system. The thought of the same, quite naturally, 
  • If we consider the state that prevails at the moment, Bitcoin seems a risky domain. People see it as a means to pose several challenges in several places. However, among all these, three are most commonly discussed as we shall enlist down below: 
  1. There is no possibility of regulation involved here. With a lack in the same domain, would it not be very basic for the Governmental forces to be wary of the entire process?
  2. A number of notorious criminals also started making complete use of it. Thus, there has been a substantial rise in the records of theft, and other unethical, problematic affairs. 
  3. Everything has its own systems. Bitcoin has served its unique nomenclature, and added values to the economic front. However, many people also say that as the particular ecosystem Bitcoin evolves into, criticisms against it can gather up really soon. 

Why is Bitcoin Being Trusted So Much?

Now let us get to the most primordial question of all times. Is Bitcoin a trusted place? As we have made fleeting mentions of before, a huge number of people initially did not find it trusted at all. It will not be alright to put the blame on the investors as they fell victim to a number of fateful incidents. Then what is bringing about a certain degree of change today?

While the Blockchain Technology has brought in a fair share of hope, people still remain careful to not fall prey to criminal activities taking place here. It is only justified for great minds to provoke thinking, research, and concentration prior to investment. With caution from the side of the investors, and of course, the effects of the pandemic-stricken world off late, Bitcoin is turning into a more trusted place for people. Where there is transparency, and efforts, success rates are bound to go up. For more information, you can check the below image link!

Is It Helping The Government?

Now the question is, is it making any difference to the Government’s eye on Bitcoin? We are afraid we cannot give you an assertive answer for the same. Owing to the reasons that we mentioned here, the Government across borders look at Bitcoin with a certain degree of fear involved. This fear mostly comes from the possibility of other modes, and their virtues, and their nuanced competitive capabilities. 


We sincerely hope our little insight regarding this topic helped your head. When you get the peace that you deserve, you will naturally have the free mind to concentrate on the prevailing issues, and take apt and quick measures. Whatever you do, please ensure your safety. All the best!


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