Benefits Of Using SD-WAN Solutions For Working From Home

By | January 11, 2023

The internet is the backbone of the modern business world. From email to cloud-based apps, everything is connected through the web. If your small business relies on remote workers and mobile employees using their laptops and phones, having secure, reliable connectivity to your data applications.

What Is an SD-WAN Solution?

SD-WAN solutions use software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to create a secure and reliable connection between remote users and their data, applications, and services.

A proper SD-WAN solution will allow you to connect your employees over different networks in the most efficient way possible. Remote workers will retain access to critical business applications or services if one network goes down.


As an IT admin, you know security is a crucial reason to use SD-WAN solutions. Since the data and applications are securely transmitted over the network in encrypted packets, they can only be accessed by users with the appropriate credentials. 

Scalable Capacity:

The scalability of SD-WAN is one of their significant benefits. As your business grows and you add sites or remote employees, you can quickly expand your SD-WAN to accommodate these new locations. This also makes it easier to remove an office if necessary.

Simplified Management:

SD-WAN is easy to manage so that you can spend more time on other essential things. The most common way of managing SD-WAN is through a cloud service. This means you don’t need to worry about installing software or maintaining a server. Your provider will take all the necessary steps, including updating firmware and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. 

It’s also possible to manage your SD-WAN solution through an on-premise management platform—larger businesses typically prefer this with more complex networks and IT infrastructures. Either way, once installed, SD-WAN offers a single pane of glass for tracking overall network performance and identifying problems as they arise.

Lower Costs:

These solutions can help you save money by reducing your bandwidth needs.

  • Bandwidth costs represent a significant part of a company’s total network costs and are the main driver for SD-WAN adoption. By optimizing your data flows, SD-WAN can help you reduce your bandwidth requirements by as much as 50%. This can translate into significant savings for companies that have high bandwidth costs.
  • Additionally, most traditional branch routers have no inherent mechanism to optimize traffic and may even contribute to higher latency due to their relatively large size and slow processing speed. Therefore, replacing these underperforming devices with smaller and more powerful ones (such as three cloud routers)

Call For Help With SD-WAN For Working From Home:

The best way to get started with SD-WAN for working from home is to call the best and most reputed provider of SD-WAN. The team of experts will discuss your business needs and come up with a solution that’s customized to fit your specific situation. 

Secure And Reliable Connectivity To Your Data And Applications Is A Business Necessity In Today’s Work-From-Home Environment:

Different SD-WAN solution providers offer the best services, which is the best way to get secure and reliable connectivity for working from home. Working from home is often a necessity in today’s business environment. This can be especially true if you have remote employees who need access to your company data or applications but also want options for flexible hours and locations.

With an SD-WAN solution, companies can ensure that their business has secure and reliable connectivity regardless of location or time zone considerations.


The benefits of SD-WAN are many and varied. However, with all the options available, finding the right solution for your business needs takes time.