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By | November 26, 2020

The popularity of jailbreaking is getting massive popularity among the iPhone is soaring at high speed. However, Apple doesn’t recommend this as it is not an authentic way. Jailbreaking is a process in which users can install customized or modified apps on their iPhones. Though this is opted by the minority and most of the legit iPhone users, don’t use jailbreaking. Those who don’t want to jailbreak their iOS device and also prevent themselves from the uneven expenditure behind in-app purchases can use an app that helps in accessing numerous games and applications.

AppValley is a dedicated app for non jailbroken iOS users. It enables users to install numerous apps and games without any hassles. It also helps to host many apps that you want to download. The support centre of this app readily allows the user to cater to all their queries. It provides the same features as that of the jailbroken iPhone and other devices.

This app is optimally safe and secure for usage. In this, you don’t have to pay any fees to download applications. However, users should keep in mind that installing paid apps though is illegal. If you want to attain legal services, then it is recommended to buy these apps from pasture. It also has a VIP version which offers numerous additional features that enable the user to attain maximum speed. Apart from that, you will get multiple applications and games for your iOS device. The interface that provides both light and dark mode makes it quite attractive. Apple is quite concerned about its policies regarding the safety and security of its devices. It is recommended to use this app to prevent jailbreak. However, these methods are illegal but can provide significant help to the users. 

Features of AppValley for iPhone

There are numerous features of app valley applications as it provides access to download any application on your phone. Some of the main features of this application are provided below. This will help you to get a grip on the overall functioning of the application.

  • It provides access to almost all iOS apps. You can quickly get a grab of games, in addition to that the users can get free apps for iPhone and iPad.
  • It can provide all the applications and games that come with in-app purchases. It prevents excessive expenditure due to the game purchase. You will get all the applications and games for free.
  • It is among those apps which don’t require massive space on your phone. It needs mere space and is relatively lightweight in comparison to other regular app stores.
  • The core competency of this app store is its downloader. You can download the desired applications and games in the minimum time possible. It provides apt speed for fast download.
  • The popularity of jailbreak is spring, but you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device for getting access to the AppValley app.
  • It supports almost all iOS.
  • The regular updating of the app makes it quite useful and helps the user to get optimal speed. With this, you need not worry about lagging or slow downloading.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it quite simple and easy to go. The users find it very easy to download or search for the desired games.
  • All the apps and games available are easy to download and install.
  • You can get access to numerous apps and games with or without an offer.
  • If you want to get a hold of numerous apps, then it contains multiple unofficial apps and games.
  • This app is optically tested for reliability, security, and stability. Users can expect optimum safety, as all the processes are tested and cleared.

Steps to Download AppValley app for iPhone

For downloading the app valley app for iOS users, one needs to follow some of the basic steps. These steps are relatively easy and can be attained by the following information.

Steps 1 – Launch the Safari web browser and go to the official website of

go to the official website

Step 2 – Ensure that you are necessarily using safari for downloading the AppValley App store. It may show some settings issues that should be cleared by clicking on the allow tab. 

Step 3 – As soon as the webpage loads up, you will have to reach the button of “download and Install AppValley and click on it.

download and Install AppValley

Step 4 – If you want to install the AppValley app store immediately, click on the downloaded package to run or Open and follow the instructions given on the screen. By tapping on the web page, a pop-up will enlist the installation permission. Click on the install button for further process.

AppValley app icon

Step 5 – Once the installation process completes the faded icon of the application will turn clearer. You can move it to the home screen.

Step 6 – You can launch by trusting the profile of AppValley VIP. You may go ahead with launching various apps on the device. The device will ask for your consent to install this app fully.

consent to install this app



Step 7: You have to change some of the general settings as per the application. It is recommended to note the developer’s name as it helps in addressing different problems regarding the usage of the app.

change some of the general settings

Step 8: You will get an icon on your home screen. With this, you are good to use this app store without any worries. This is the final step that helps you to install this app on your device. 

 icon on your home screen

With these simple steps, you can download and install this application on your iOS device. Makes sure that you will follow all the steps dedicatedly. 


 1. What are the safety concerns regarding the usage of AppValley?

There are minimal safety concerns related to this app. It doesn’t tweak any of the security provided by apple devices. It works the same as any other iOS application on your phone. All the Apple devices come with SSL encryption that provides added protection. Apart from this, the developers of this app keep on updating it regularly, which makes it quite apt for proper functioning. It is recommended to install the updates continuously. Updating helps you to cater to all the trouble regarding the functioning of this app.   

2. In any case, does it harm the phone or any attributes related to the phone?

If you are concerned about harmful attributes of this app towards your device, then it is quite clear that it doesn’t go against any of the apple security policies. The reliability, stability, and security provided are at the optimum level. Users are often concerned about the warranty void. As this app doesn’t need jailbreaking, so there is not any chance of the warranty getting void. It recommended removing the tweak feature when you are sending your device for any repair work. Opt to remove the tweak and after repairing install that.

3. What can we expect from AppValley?

With this app, get ready to experience different apps and games without any cost. It has all the unofficial apps such as screen recorders, emulators, and streaming applications. With this, you can expect access to almost all the things. In addition to all the others, one can also expect access to some of the essential apps that come with a massively paid attribute in regular app stores.

4. Does AppValley need any fees or subscriptions?

AppValley is a free application that provides numerous benefits regarding different applications and games. It can be downloaded and used for free. However, it has a different version that is known as the VIP version, which has all the premium services. It comes with a yearly subscription option that makes it quite useful. Those who find it quite helpful readily opt for the premium services by paying yearly subscription charges. 

5. Why is jailbreaking an illegal option for iPhone users?

Though jailbreaking is gaining massive popularity, but it is not recommended for the people to opt for this as it is an illegal way to cater to your needs. It may lead to the voiding of the warranty. For example, if you have jailbroken your iOS device and sent it for repair, then you may get into problems as Apple policies don’t recommend this option. 

If you are looking for an alternative for jailbreaking, then you can easily opt for this AppValley application that doesn’t need any jailbreaking. Without jailbreak, it helps you to attain numerous features. You can easily download all the paid in-app purchase applications and games.

This app is helpful for those who don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on in-app purchases. Though these are kind of below the line apps, it provides immense help to users. It doesn’t need any jailbreaking, which is one of the best features of this app. Opting for this app can be very helpful and enables the user to get access to almost all the different applications and games that cost them a fortune. Installing this app will be a beneficial approach when it comes to experiencing other games and applications.


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