A Smart Guide on the Best Pool Cues – Our Top picks and Recommendations

By | December 26, 2021

Are you looking for the best pool cue? Are you confused about choosing a cue? If yes, then you don’t have to take tension about it anymore.  We are providing you with a guide by which you can shortlist and make your mind to buy the best pool cue.

There are many brands and types of quality available for the cues. So, you have many options for lower to higher prices, low quality to high-quality cues, and so on. You can also play this game online with your friends and get a chance to earn some real cash awards. Getmega is a popular gaming platform to play this game and have some exciting fun.

At the end of this article, you will find yourself clear-minded. Just read it patiently and get to know the detailed information. 

Some of the Best Pool Cues

  • Phenolic pool cues

The top of the phenolic pool cue is made up of carbon fibers, which makes the cue sturdy. If you are extremely involved in breaking, then you can choose this cue. Due to the Fiber, this cue stick can endure a large amount of external force when it comes in contact with a cue ball. If you are a beginner, then it is the best choice for you as it requires less or no maintenance. If you want to practice torque skulls, then you can try it as it needs maximum force and you have to shift to a medium or soft cue ball.

  • Soft pool cues

The soft pool cues are quite high maintenance as they are the best pool cues and usually experts choose this. Due to its softness, they have more energy to transfer the cue ball effectively. The soft cue stick hits the cue ball easily and it will have maximum accuracy. The energy which is transferred from the soft pool cue generates maximum momentum to spin in an amazing way and helps in pocketing the object ball in the target pockets.

But these cue sticks are only for a short period as they break easily, hence, it is recommended to check before buying them. Also, the cue sticks tend to break in a short period of time, thus, there might be cone breakage. Therefore, it is suggested to buy them with fill confirmation. However, if you are a pro player, then you can choose this but if you share a younger common name.

These are the best pro pool cues sticks, even though they are quite high-maintenance. The cue tips on these cue sticks are extremely soft and that is the reason that they tend to absorb and transfer more energy to the cue ball.

  • Hard pool cues

Hard pool cues are the best pool cues and preferred when you are playing on for entertainment or as a hobby. But if you are playing pool from a competitive point of view, then you should avoid buying it. It is low maintenance and has long shelf lives with high durability. They become the most preferred ones. Due to their absorptive capacity, very little force is required but these sticks are not accurate. It is good for beginners as they don’t need attention and enough force can be exerted during breaking the rack and hitting the target. It is a perfect choice to practice as beginning later they can shift to soft or medium cue sticks after they learnt the game.

  •  Medium pool cue

Medium pool cues are the most common stick which players choose. There are two main things that make medium pool cues preferable. 

First, they are versatile enough and absorb quite a good amount of force, which improves the gameplay. They transfer the energy into cue balls, which make spin action easier which in turn make numerous trick shots such as cuts. Secondly, they are quite high maintenance and they need more care and attention in comparison to others.

  • Crimson Maple

It is the best pool cue stick for beginners as they have a medium hard cue tip, which makes it easier to get higher accuracy and it exerts quite a large amount of force. It absorbs moisture due to its Irish wrap around its shalt and control to hold the cue stick. It is portable too.

  • Vikings Valhalla 

This is also the beginner pool cue which has quite a hard tip. If you are a novice enthusiast, then it is most preferable for you as the weight of this cue stick is also adjustable so you can play the games longer without any strain. The tip of the cue stick is optimally shaped and scratched so it has quite a good accuracy.


We have provided you with all the information on the best pool cues. We have specially mentioned which cue stick is better for beginners and which is better for advanced. If you want to first play the pool game online, then you can prefer Getmega as it provides the best experience. After playing online, you must be clear which cue stick is better for you or which cue stick best matches your personality. Thus, we hope you find this article insightful.

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