9xbuddy 2021: Top 9 Best Alternatives

By | November 25, 2021

9xbuddy website: Is it safe? 

In today’s time, no person doesn’t like to like watch movies online sitting on their couch. The internet has offered many things to our worldwide, and similarly, there are lots and lots of pirated websites providing the best quality of latest movies and series. 9xbuddy is one of the most popular sites of online movie downloader. There are lakhs of people who want to watch the latest videos and trending series in free of cost. But there is a simple question that arises in everybody’s mind that the website everyone chooses to watch is safe or not? In this article, we are going to discuss the trending site known as 9xbuddy in full details and will let you know that this one is safe or not. Let’s go forward to learn more. 



At first, let’s discuss the 9xbuddy website so that you all can get a proper idea about this trending website. 9xbuddy is an online video downloader website. This website supports almost every channel for downloading their latest episodes, movies, series, and much more. You can enjoy nearly all types of latest movies of Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil in its library on this fantastic website. The best part about this website is that you can access all these things at any time. In here you are going to find almost all the super hits movies. So here are the detailed features which are offered by this website. 

  • This is one of the most popular online video downloader websites.
  • It can support almost every website.
  • You can enter the URL link directly for downloading any sort of video.
  • You can easily download the MP3 format of videos.
  • This website offers various types of resolutions for downloading latest videos such as 240p, 480p, 360p, 1080p, 720p. 
  • You can even check out the number of websites that were added only by clicking on the section of Added sites, which is present on the top menu bar.  
  • This 9xbuddy is known as one of the best and simplest online movie downloader websites on the entire internet. There is no need for tricky steps or complicated plugins to follow the downloading process on this website. You will just need to touch your smartphone and start clicking on the few points, and then the movie will be downloaded straightforwardly.
  • This website is much better than any other online movie downloader website available on the internet. The usage of this website is very straight forward.  


In today’s time, there are lots, and lots of the latest movies are available on the internet, especially on this website. You might have experienced that if any site doesn’t sort out the movie categories, then choosing the one movie gets a bit confusing. This happens the most when we are going through the pieces of stuff randomly. That’s why you want to know about the most and best-searched categories on the website, so here are the following lists of some best types.

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Fighting
  • War
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy

Best Alternatives of 9xbuddy 

On the internet, numerous websites offer great alternative options for downloading the latest movies, series, or any other videos. Here is the list of some great alternatives of 9xbuddy, which will provide you with similar features for downloading the videos as 9xbuddy. You should keep a piece of brief information about these alternatives. Let’s check out these listed sites.

1. Vidpaw

Vidpaw is an app that is highly capable than you have listened to. It comes with an ad-free and well-designed interface. This application is very user-friendly for everyone for downloading Facebook videos very quickly. This app can function very well on tablets and Android phones. Unlike most apps which claims that you can download the Facebook videos as much as you can in free of cost, but they set the limit, but this app allows you to download freely without any limits. Not only Facebook videos, but it also allows you to download any videos from various sites is a High-Quality video format such as WEBM, MP4 along with excellent audio formats such as MP3 and MP4. 

2. 4kvideo downloader

This 4kvideo downloader is such a tool that will make your attention-worthy. In simpler words, this app allows you to download different videos from YouTube in the highest quality, along with no hassle. It also includes subtitles if you want any. If you are looking for the best alternative for 9xbuddy, this one is the best option. But if you are looking for the free version, then there are very few limitations in this. To avoid such restrictions, you will have to subscribe to their subscription costs; after doing that, you will be able to get the version of this app.

3. Vide order

The vide order is one of the best tools which allows every user to search any type of video according to their choice by using the search engine, which combs through the various streaming services such as Vimeo, YouTube, and many others. For this reason, you can download every video directly into your Android devices. You can even choose the video quality according to your wish. This website has every kind of search materials from funny videos to the other video clips. This can be the best alternative option for the 9xbuddy website. 

4. MX Player

This is a media player that is available for free on Android and iOS devices both. This application is ad-free, allowing you to experience the movies and any type of video without any interruption. This is an impressive tool for playing videos and audios which are being downloaded by the web along with subtitles or without subtitles in various languages and formats. This MX player will require different permissions for their excellent performance, and it doesn’t install very smoothly on every smartphone.

5. Vidmate

Vidmate is such an application that allows the user to watch freely through their streaming. This application offers you along with the alternative for downloading the latest movies, which might not be observed online. You can easily download high-quality videos without any hassle, and the film also can be downloaded by the Dailymotion and YouTube. The vidmate online video downloader also helps you download the videos of every type, such as music videos, songs, TV serials, latest movies, etc. If you are a die-hard fan of watching movies, this application will be a great option. This application offers you to download the video quality in various formats along with excellent sound quality. According to these features, you can assume why this one will be the best alternative of 9xbuddy. 

6. Yesmovies

You might know that Yesmovies are used since 2016, and it has been expanded in a very impressive recognition from 2016. This website supports old and new documentaries, TV serials, TV shows, and movies. You do not have any requirement of any sort of enrollment for registering in the Yesmovies. Those who are the user’s of Yesmovies, they can experience the option of downloading the ideal content so that the user can easily watch them as many time without any internet connection. This website is a very user-friendly interface. This also allows the user to handle the navigations freely on the site and can easily define the search in their catalog.

7. TeaTV

This website has been designed for mobile users so that the viewers can easily stream and download the movies or any type of content according to their choice. The interface of this website is user-friendly, and it even allows the viewers to search quickly through the website. It includes all types of content such as web series, documentaries, MP3, movies, any other type of videos in very high-quality formats. This application is known as one of the best alternatives to the 9xbuddy. 

8. Filmywap

A lot of movie-providing sites have come up on the internet recently, to cater to people’s need for entertainment. In today’s busy scheduled lifestyles, people find it very difficult to watch movies in theatres or binge-watch on TVs. Hence, they prefer watching movies online anytime when they are free. Fimlywap is one such site that delivers the latest content for free to people, making sure that they get to relieve themselves of their boredom. Consisting of movies, web series, trailers, music videos, documentaries, and short films, the site brings you content covering every genre, era, culture, language, and theme. 

9. HDFriday

On this site, one can discover brand new movies and videos in various formats, that are available for free streaming and downloading. Hdfriday is sure to never disappoint its users with its huge collection of diverse content, coming from every language, genre, culture, era, theme, etc. For accessing this site’s contents, users don’t have to create an account or provide their card details. All services are available for free on this site. You can easily find out your desired content from the cleanly classified lists based on their genre, language, year of release, etc. The site’s interface is extremely easy and user-friendly, allowing people to browse through it easily. 


Q.1 Is this 9xbuddy safe? 

We do not recommend you use any sort of pirated websites, and if you are using this website, then you are needed to be aware of any pop-ups which can redirect you to any other pages. 

Q.2 How to download videos from the 9xbuddy? 

For downloading the videos from 9xbuddy, you will have to go through a few steps mentioned here:-

  • Visit the 9xbuddy.org website.
  • Copy the URL of the video
  • Paste the URL of the video on the search page. 
  • After that, click on the download button.

Q.3 Which website can be the best alternative for this 9xbuddy website? 

The best alternative of the 9xbuddy website can be Vidpaw. This website tends to offer the most features as similar to the 9xbuddy. In Vidpaw, you can easily download the latest videos, edit the videos, and convert the videos into MP3, MP4, AVI, 3GP, and WMA along with the high quality. 


This article is only to inform you all about this online video downloader website known as 9xbuddy. This article has no intention of promoting any type of pirated sites or activities. All of you should say a big NO to these pirated websites. They are very dangerous, and it can even land you in some troubled situation. Do not support piracy. 


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